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August 27-30, 2014, Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, CA, USA
Education, Technology and Community for voice talent at all levels of experience

VOICE Convention Compilation Recordings

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VOICE 2007

Rodney Saulsberry - Step up to the Mic
Connie Terwilliger -
Self Evaluation
Frank Frederick
- Love Notes branding
Chris Wagner - VO and the WWWeb
James Alburger & Penny Abshire
- The Psychology of Voiceover and The Seven Core Elements of Performance
Gregory Best - Negotiating the best Talent Fee
Bettye Zoller
- Finding Your Voice in the Audio Book Industry
MJ Lallo
- Creating Character Voices
An interview with Linda Weinrib
Questions and Answers with Don LaFontaine
No-holds-barred Demo Evaluations
The Pros Talk About the Business of Voiceover
Questions and Answers Panel
Plus special material from AFTRA and

VOICE 2008

James Alburger & Penny Abshire - Opening Keynote - The origin of the VOICE conference and the meaning of the VOICE hexagon logo.
Chris M. Allport - Mastering Self-direction
Beverly Bremers - General Session - Voicercise
Marc Cashman - Voiceover Masters Class
Marc Cashman - General Session - “We’re Looking for a Muse” - The funny side of voiceover
Stefan Chinell (Sweden) - International Voiceover
Pat Fraley - Accent on Dialects
Marc Graue - VO From Both Sides of the Glass
Richard Horvitz - A Willingness to Play Pretend
Joe Klein - Old Skook Meets New Media
Larry Maizlish - VO From the Talent Buyer’s Perspective
Debbie Munro (Canada) - Audition Wizardry
Gabrielle Nistico (of - Breaking into Radio Imaging
MJ Lallo - Movement for Character
Raleigh Pinskey - Promoting Yourself to Increase Your VO Business
Steve Savanyu (Audio Technica) - Microphones: Applications & Techniques for Voiceover
Randy Thomas (Voice of Academy Awards) - Living Your Voiceover Dream
George Whittam - The Technology of Voiceover
Julie Williams - Proven Voiceover Techniques
Nancy Wolfson - Why Branding Breaks You In

VOICE 2010

Beverly Bremers - How to Wear 3 Hats: Self-Direction
Curt Byk - Beneath the Sheets
Keith Carson - Your VO Demo
Marc Cashman - Kicking it up a Notch: A VO Masters Class
Marc Cashman - We’re Auditioning for a Muse Pt 2 & Live Radio Play
Joe Cipriano - Promo Panel (not included in full set package)
Tina D’Marco - Succeeding as an International Voice Talent (focus on Spanish)
Terry Daniel & Dave Courvoisier - Building VO Success thru Social Networking
Liz deNesnera - Talking Telephony
John Florian - Panel: How Voice Actors Use the Internet
Bill Holmes - Panel: Anything VO with Bob Bergen & Joyce Castellanos
Richard Horvitz - A Willingness to Play Pretend II
Hillary Huber - Panel: Audio Books
Melody Jones - It’s All About the Acting
Tim Keenan - Making the Most of Corporate Narration
MJ Lallo - Kick Ass Characters
Dan Lenard - Building Your Home Studio
Susan McCollom - Tools for Delivering Retail Copy
Martha Mayakis - Building Relationships with Casting Directors
Deb Munro - Mastering Your On-line VO Career
Gabrielle Nistico - Look as Good as You Sound
Kristine Oller - How to Build a VO Career When Your Schedule is Full
Peter Rofe - Commercial Copy Interpretation
Karly Rothenberg - Improv Madness
Steve Savanyu - Choosing the Right Equipment
Robert Sciglimpaglia - Setting up Your VO Business & Mastering Negotiation
Erik Sheppard - Simple Mistakes VO Talent Make Every Day
Amy Taylor - Building Your International Voiceover Business (multi-lingual)
John Taylor - Panel: Voiceover from the Trenches
Tim Underwood - How to be a Go-to VO Talent
Beau Weaver - From JOX to VOX: Making the Transition from Radio to VO
George Whittam - The Technology of Voiceover
Julie Williams - Medical Mumbo: Voicing Complex Technical Narration
Nancy Wolfson - The Best Booking Secret F*$#king Ever
VOICE 2010 Celebrity Banquet - June Foray, Bob Bergen, Rob Paulsen, Maurice LaMarche (not included in full set package)

VOICE 2012

Andy Boyns & Panel - International Voiceover
Beverly Bremers - Ad Lib Ease
Marc Cashman - “We’re Auditioning for a Muse” and Back to School with Marc Cashman’s VO Report Card
Stephani Ciccarelli (Sponsor: - Maximize Online Casting Opportunities
Christopher Currier - Microphones: Choosing the Right Mic for the Job
Terry Daniel, Trish Basanyi, Dave Courvoisier - Social Media and the VO Industry
Dave DeAndrea & Panel - Everything You Need to Know About Demos
Tom Dheere - Goals and Action Plans: Putting it All Together
Bill Farmer - A “Goofy” Afternoon
John Florian & Elizabeth Holmes - Business: Simplify How You Run It
David Goldberg (Sponsor: Edge Studio) - What You Don’t Know... But Must!
Priscilla Groves - How Americans Can Get More VO Work in Europe
Vanessa Hart & Panel - Audio Books: A Master Q&A Panel
Elley-Ray Henessey - Advanced Voice Placement
Bill Holmes & Panel - The Voiceover Doctor Consults with the Specialists
Randye Kaye - Uncover 10 Script Clues that Keep Clients Hiring You
Tim Keenan - How to Succeed in Corporate Narration
MJ Lallo - How to Win Roles in Animation Casting
David H. Lawrence - Mutual Muscles
Dan Lenard and George Whittam - Audio Processing
Gabrielle Nistico & Panel - How to Book a Top Agent
Erik Sheppard - Taboo: The Shocking Trughs of Voiceover
Celia Siegel - Branding and Marketing for the Professional Voice Actor
Robert Sciglimpaglia - Mysteries of the VO World Revealed
Joe J. Thomas - You Can’t Get There from Here
William Williams - On-line Audition Secrets
Bettye Zoller - Acting is Reacting
VOICE 2014 Celebrity Banquet - Special Guests: Bill Rogers, Camille Dixon, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears


The VOICE convention is a highly interactive live event intended to provide educational and networking opportunities for those attending. VOICE has something for voice talent, actors, professional speakers, and other performers, regardless of experience. Nothing on this web site or presented during the VOICE convention is intended to imply or guarantee representation or work in the entertainment or voiceover industries. Success as a voiceover talent is the result of individual mastery of performing and business skills. The VOICE convention management, sponsors, vendors, and individual presenters are solely responsible for the content of their individual programs, events, and other activities offered during the convention. Individuals are invited to present a program at VOICE based on their submission of a proposal for the program and their standing in the voiceover community. The producers of VOICE encourage diversity and an open discussion of ideas and approaches to building a successful voiceover career, and do not endorse the opinions, business ethics or products of any presenter or exhibitor at the convention. If you do not agree with or like the approach of any presenter, you may freely move to another program at any time. Attendees are encouraged to consider carefully any recommendations made by a presenter or exhibitor before investing in any products or services that might be made available during the convention. The VOICE logo, the convention name VoiceOver International Creative Experience, this website, and all materials created to promote this event or support its programs or activities are owned and copyright, 2007-2014, VoiceActing, LLC. Some programs that include copyrighted or proprietary content may not be available as part of convention recordings made available for sale at a later date. Use of this website and registration for the VOICE convention is an acknowledgment of your understanding and agreement to our policies, terms, and conditions  stated in detail here.

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