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August 27-30, 2014, Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, CA, USA
Education, Technology and Community for voice talent at all levels of experience



VOICE is about raising your voiceover performance and business skills to a new level by creating networking opportunities and building an International community of fellow voice actors that you can call on for help, support, and encouragement. Sure, you can use your social networking sites to “friend” voice actors from around the world, but VOICE is one of the few places where you will get to meet your VO friends face to face.

Here’s the “short list” of why VOICE has gained a reputation as THE go-to convention for anyone interested, or currently working in voiceover or audio/video/film production:

  • Voiceover professionals: No matter where you are in your voiceover career - just starting, or with decades of experience - the VOICE convention will offer you new techniques, new ideas, and new relationships that will help move you toward your goals faster than you can imagine.
  • Just getting started in voiceover: Learn the real truth about the voiceover business - and how to break in and do it correctly - from some of the top VO professionals in the world.
  • Radio personalities: Learn how to make the transition from on-air personality to voiceover artist.
  • Film and stage actors: Discover how voiceover is radically different from your other acting skills, how you can enhance every performance when you know how to perform for voiceover, and what you need to do to add voiceover to your performing repertoire.
  • Broadcasters and on-camera talent: Make your voice tracks more compelling and less “stiff” when you apply voiceover performing techniques.
  • Professional Speakers: Enhance your platform presentations when you understand how to effectively communicate through proper use of your voice.
  • Business Executives: Learn how to apply voiceover performance techniques to be a more effective manager, presenter, or sales executive.
  • Production Engineers, Producers, Agents, Copy Writers: Learn how to get the best possible performance from your actors quickly and effectively by knowing what they need and how to talk their language.

Why spend as much or more on a single voiceover workshop when you can attend the VOICE 2014 convention where you can mingle, network, and learn from some of the world’s top voiceover talent, PLUS you get the seminar recordings for free! All things considered... you’ve got to agree that VOICE  is a real bargain!


The VOICE convention is a highly interactive live event intended to provide educational and networking opportunities for those attending. VOICE has something for voice talent, actors, professional speakers, and other performers, regardless of experience. Nothing on this web site or presented during the VOICE convention is intended to imply or guarantee representation or work in the entertainment or voiceover industries. Success as a voiceover talent is the result of individual mastery of performing and business skills. The VOICE convention management, sponsors, vendors, and individual presenters are solely responsible for the content of their individual programs, events, and other activities offered during the convention. Individuals are invited to present a program at VOICE based on their submission of a proposal for the program and their standing in the voiceover community. The producers of VOICE encourage diversity and an open discussion of ideas and approaches to building a successful voiceover career, and do not endorse the opinions, business ethics or products of any presenter or exhibitor at the convention. If you do not agree with or like the approach of any presenter, you may freely move to another program at any time. Attendees are encouraged to consider carefully any recommendations made by a presenter or exhibitor before investing in any products or services that might be made available during the convention. The VOICE logo, the convention name VoiceOver International Creative Experience, this website, and all materials created to promote this event or support its programs or activities are owned and copyright, 2007-2014, VoiceActing, LLC. Some programs that include copyrighted or proprietary content may not be available as part of convention recordings made available for sale at a later date. Use of this website and registration for the VOICE convention is an acknowledgment of your understanding and agreement to our policies, terms, and conditions  stated in detail here.

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