VoiceActing Productions - Audio for Radio, TV, Video & Film

Award-winning Voiceover, Creative, and Sound Design

Which will it be? A “real person,” or a quirky character?
A simple voice track, or a fully-produced radio spot?

It’s your choice!

VoiceActing Productions will add the character needed to make your message memorable. Whether its the voiceover, a script, or audio production. We work with advertising professionals; video and film producers, web designers, and business owners providing skillfully delivered voiceover, expert creative design, and award-winning audio production support services. Here are just a few examples of how we can add character to your production:

    • National-quality Voiceover by James Alburger & Penny Abshire.
      • Commercials for Radio, Television, Web Ads, Theatrical Spots, and Phone Mesaging
      • Corporate Narration, Web Learning, Video, Complex Techincal Narration
      • Animation and “out-of-the-box” Characters
    • Award-winning sound design and audio pre/post-production for radio, TV, and Film.
      • ADR - Dialog Replacement and Looping
      • Music editing and scoring - more than a dozen libraries available or we can arrange for original music
      • Video Post-production - taking your raw video to completion
      • Film and Video sweetening - thousands of sound effects available
      • Full production and editing for presentation and specialty performance tracks
    • Our studio is available to record and produce the voiceover or audio for your next production.
    • Award-winning copy writing to take your radio/TV or presentation audio track from concept to production.
    • Advertising consultation to re-work your print, radio or TV ad to improve its impact and effectiveness.

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