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Please read this entire page. This Agreement oulines the details of you engaging VoiceActing Studios to design and build your website. This Agreement includes your responsibilities and those of VoiceActing Studios, and is a legally binding contract between you and VoiceActing, LLC. Clicking on the "CONTINUE" button at the bottom of this page signifies your understanding of the terms and conditions of this agreement and will forward you to the next page to complet your payment. 


This agreement is between VoiceActing, LLC (VA) and the individual or company whose name appears on the payment submission for this service (I, me, my). By entering my name and email address below, and clicking on the “Continue to Payment” button I am agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined on this page. I acknowledge that my website design service begins today and that I will deliver any necessary content in a timely manner in order to have my website completed as quickly as possible.


I understand and agree that in order to maintain the low production cost for my website, I shall be responsible for providing VA with the following website elements in order that VA will be able to design my website:

Suitable content for each section of each page of my website. I will send content as a Word document in full sentences and paragraphs as I would like to see on the completed website. I give VA permission to modify or adapt my content as might be deemed necessary to more effectively communicate my message. 

The following are aspects of website creation and design that I agree to provide to VA, as they might apply to my site. 

  • Any suitable photographs and other images (ie. head shots, logo, and other graphics, etc) that might be needed.
  • In the event that stock images might be needed, I agree to pay any additional license fees in order to obtain rights to use those images on my website. VA shall provide links to said images for my approval prior to any purchase or use.
  • I agree to purchase the domain name for my website, if not already purchased. I further agree to maintain my domain registration for as long as I wish for my site to remain online.
    • If I am working with another IT person, I agree to arrange for my other IT person to connect with VA in order to coordinate the domain DNS to point to the proper hosting location.
    • If I am arranging for domain registration through MagicInet, I agree to provide VA with the appropriate login Usernamd and Password so that VA can coordinate the domain DNS routing as needed.
  • I agree to purchase and maintain necessary hosting for my website, if not already purchased.
    • If I am hosting my website with another IT person or company, I agree to arrange for my other IT person to connect with VA in order provide appropriate access to my hosting account.
    • If I am hosting through MagicInet, I grant permission for VA to access my hosting account.
  • I agree to arrange for either my other IT person or VA to install a Wordpress Database on my hosting site.
  • I agree to arrange for either my other IT person or VA to install Wordpress website on my hosting site. 
    • I understand that there will be a nominal charge of $75 if VA handles the installation of the Wordpress Database and website.
  • I agree and give permission to VA to create any additional accounts necessary for storage of audio or video files. Such accounts may include Soundcloud, Vimeo, Amazon S3, Youtube or other storage locations suitable for audio and/or video streaming.
    • I agree to establish and pay for any subscription accounts that might be necessary in order to create storage locations for audio and/or video streaming. Such accounts may be either established and paid directly by me, or may be created by VA with annual billing to me.

I understand that VA will notify me by email or phone as updates to my site design become available and that I may request changes at any time at no additional cost, up to the time I approve the completed site.


I understand that I will receive a custom designed website consisting of the number of pages I select at the time of purchase. I further understand that the completed website is being built on an unconventional platform, but is fully compatible with Wordpress and is Mobile Friendly. 

Specific website design elements under this agreement include:

  • A minimum of one page, to a maximum of 4 pages as determined by my selection on the payment button.
    • Additional pages, in excess of 4, shall be invoiced at the current rate for a 4th page, for each additional page in excess of 4.
  • An optional email subscription form using HTML, CSS or iframe coding to be created using my bulk email service.
    • If I don't have a bulk email service, I can establish a free Mailerlite Email account (up to 1,000 email addresses) HERE.
    • I agree to provide VA with the appropriate code for my email capture webform or provide VA with access to my email service in order for VA to create my email capture webform.
  • A single, appropriate media player to accomodate playback of streaming audio or video.
    • Media set-up, re-formatting and uploading will be provided as necessary.
    • A media player capable of selectable playback or playlist playback is an optional expense.
  • All graphics and image re-touch, re-sizing, color correction, and Photoshop work that might be necessary for images that will be included on my website.
    • I understand that the purchase price of any licensed images shall be in addition to the cost of designing my website.
  • Copy re-writes as migh be necessary to make my content more effective and my site more marketable.
  • Any links to supporting pages, other websites, payment portals, streaming sources, etc., as might be appropriate for my site.
  • Social media links to your Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter or other social media pages or groups.
  • Basic SEO and keyword setup.
    • I understand that full service SEO is not a service provided by VA and that there is no guarantee or promise that my site will be on page one of any search engines.
  • Uploading website and related elements to my hosting site and/or streaming storage sites.


I understand that in order to maintain the greatest efficiency at this affordable rate, the design process for my website will be supervised solely by VoiceActing and will include multiple steps for approval by me as the site develops. My sole contribution to the production process will be to provide the content elements as described elsewhere in this agreement. Upon completion and final approval of my website, I agree to release VA from any liability or maintenance of my site unless I enter into a separate maintenance agreement.


I understand that the affordable custom website designed under this agreement is “basic” by design and does not include any additional upgrade options. I understand that any upgrades as described below shall be at an additional charge at a minimum of $150 per hour or at a fee negotiated at the time of the request.

Specific website design elements at additional charge include:

  • A Blog page, including RSS outbound service
    • I understand that, although a Blog page might be part of an underlying Wordpress theme - and that it can easily be incorporated into my website - the Blog page is specifically not included as one of the pages of my site under this agreement.
  • Domain registration
  • Domain hosting
  • Wordpress database setup
  • Wordpress installation
  • Ecommerce (ie. PayPal) setup
  • Merchant service shopping cart
  • Media hosting (ie. Soundcloud, Vimeo or Amazon S3 storage account)
  • Email client service (ie. Mailerlite, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, etc.)
  • SEO optimization
  • Ongoing support and maintenanc


It is agreed and understood that VA will retain backups of my website design layout throughout the design process and that additional backup software may or may not be installed on my site for the purpose of backing up the WordPress theme and plugins. It is understood that VA shall not be responsible or liable for any changes made to my website by a third party and which are not backed up by VA. In the event that I or a third party makes any changes to the design of my website, I understand that VA must be notified in order to maintain proper site functionality and a current backup. VA shall only be obligated to maintain a page backup of the website pages as completed under this agreement. I agree that I shall be responsible for installing backup software for maintaining a backup of my WordPress theme, installation, plugins and other aspects of my website not directly related to the specific pages created by VoiceActing, LLC.


I understand that my payment under this Agreement shall constitute a buy-out for design and creation of my website and that there shall be no additional payments or fees required, with the exception of any subscription fees for third-paty services such as streaming storage and email marketing and for any additional pages, options or services that might be provided by VA.

I further understand that, under the terms of this Agreement, I shall have unrestricted use of my website and use of the proprietary design layout for as long as I maintain hosting on my original server. I agree that if I should change my hosting company, I will contact VA inorder to move my site and/o re-establish my page builder license, and that an additional fee in the amount of a ond-page site shall apply.

I understand that this agreement does NOT include any maintenance or update services, and that such services may be available from VoiceActing, LLC under a separate agreement.


I understand that my website will be built using licensed, proprietary software that works as an overlay on top of a standard WordPress theme. It is understood that my website will be licensed as a sub-license authorized by the larger license maintained by VoiceActing, LLC for the proprietary software and that such sub-license shall remain in effect for as long as I maintain my hosting and domain registration.

I understand that VoiceActing, LLC does NOT provide any training in the use of the software builder used to create my website. However, if I choose to engage VoiceActing, LLC for training in use of the software, I may do that at any time at the current hourly consulting fee as described elsewhere on this website. I agree that there will be a minimum of two hours training in the use of our proprietary site building software.

I further understand that, although the site building software is pretty self-explanatory, and that I have the right to make my own changes and updates, some knowledge of HTML code and other site building techniques may be required. if I choose to make any changes or site updates on my own. I agree that any changes that I make to my website are solely my responsibility and I hereby release VoiceActing, LLC and its employees from any liability from changes that I make that might affect the visibility or usability of my website.

I further understand that I have the option, at any time, to engage VoiceActing, LLC's services for site changes, updates, or page additions. Current update/maintenance rates shall apply for any changes or updates to pages created under this agreement. New pages shall be charged at the current individual or multiple page rates posted on this website. 


I understand that in order to achieve this very affordable website cost, VA will use a standard Wordpress installation and shall install proprietary web design software that is licensed to VA. I further understand that use of VA's licensed software is for the non-exclusive use of creating my website and that the software will be used by VA for its other web design clients. Any use of our proprietary software to create additional pages or other websites shall be considered a violation of this agreement and may result in the cancellation of the sub-license for the site created under this agreement.

I also agree that VA may use a screen capture image of my website with links to my site for the purpose of promoting its website design services.


As a condition of enlisting VoiceActing, LLC to create my website, I agree and understand that website design is a creative process and that VA is an expert in this type of work. As such, I agree that VA and its associated parties will have creative license to create my website to the best of their abilities, without unreasonable interference from me, within the guidelines agreed to during preliminary meetings and under the terms of this agreement.

I further understand and agree that any creative process, including website design, is subjective by nature and that there are no guarantees or promises as to the effectiveness or any results or reactions that may or may not be achieved through posting my website online. Upon completion of my website, I agree to release VA of any and all obligations relating to this website and release VA from any liable for any errors, omissions, or damages that might result from posting of my website.


I understand that my credit card or PayPal account will be billed one time only in the amount for the number of site pages as selected on the Payment page.

In the event I choose to add additional services or options to my website, I understand that I shall be asked to make payment in advance for those services or options by check or by using the "Send Money" friends and family option through my PayPal account.


I agree that I will pay the full amount of this website design as selected on the next page and that payment in full is required prior to any work beginning on my website design.


Complete the form below and click the button below to move to the next step.

Clicking the “CONTINUE” button confirms your acceptance to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and will take you to the next page where you can select the number of pages for your website and complete your payment to begin your site design process.

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