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Creating New Perspectives for Business Through Conscious Communication

HeartLogic™, is an International organization that works with businesses of all sizes. We specialize in helping our clients to simplify change, steamline complexity, and effectively turn challenges into innovation that brings goals, dreams and visions into reality.  

What do AT&T, General Dynamics, Walt Disney Imagineering and SKF Companies have in common?

They all reached out to HeartLogic™ for assistance in taking their companies to the next level of communication and productivity.

During our many years of consulting, we've developed the core formula, C + I = DR:  Communication, plus Innovation equals Desired Results. There's actually a lot more to it, and although this formula might appear fairly simple on the surface, the development and implementation of these essential concepts is unique to every business.

And that's what HeartLogic™ specializes in!

We start with the basics at the Heart of your business. Next, we dig deep to uncover your specific objectives and the challenges facing your business. Then we work closely with your executive team to develop strategies and tools (the Logic of your business), using a variety of exercises and techniques - all designed to achieve the objectives we've defined.

The result is that your business will run more smoothly and at a higher level of consciousness, which will change the perceptions of both your staff and customers, which, in turn, will improve communication and increase profits.


  • ...focus on perceptions and potential
  • ...grow and empower your people to bring their best to each challenge
  • ...communicate trust so everyone creates value added service  


When you work with HeartLogic™, you'll experience a completely customized program designed to address the specific needs of your organization. Together, we'll uncover the core human factors that are blocking your teams from achieving success, higher productivity and profits.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can serve your organization. Please call us at 760.715.3344 or email us at


Our expertise tells us there are four key factors to address when your strategic plan, mission and scheduled results are out of focus and not on track.

  • People Factor - The teams, customers, vendors and personnel at all levels. 
  • Business of Business Factor - Tools that are used in day to day operations, including plans, models, and formulas. 
  • Solutions Factor  - Developing and implementing specific tools, technology and techniques to up-level Communications and Innovation. 
  • Product Sales, Service & Support Factor - The processes, paper, and technology that bring success to the  business cycles.

HeartLogic™ works with the Executive Team to define strategies that will bring all four key factors into sharp focus to achieve targeted results... rapidly.


Each training's content is developed from top-down input and real life challenges, mixed with day-to-day experiences facing your organization and team members.

Sessions are filled with practical tips and exercises that support client focused growth while aligning your organization’s mission and goals. The time is interactive, logical, open, fun, informative, and impactful.


As a Professional Speaker, HeartLogic™ President, Charlene Fontaine brings insights and specific tools on how to deal with many of life's communication challenges.

Charlene speaks from personal experience and more than two decades of working with International clients. Her topics include: Communication, Consciousness, Productivity, Grief, and ego in the Workplace. She is also an authority on the Flying Tigers and how they impacted the outcome of World War II.

  • Blocks to Productivity & Innovation
  • Thriving Forward, Increasing Health & Wealth
  • On Being Human
  • The Forgotten Theater - The Flying Tigers in China Burma and India


Charlene Fontaine, is the founder and President of HeartLogic™, an International consulting company. Ms. Fontaine was educated at Indiana University, majored in Communications and minored in Psychology with advanced research in learning and communication. She is an International business consultant specializing in systems and processes, an author, and speaker.

During her 30 year career she has worked with businesses of all sizes, including International corporations, law enforcement, and nonprofits. Each client's  program is custom designed. A few of HeartLogic's™ clients include:

  • SKF Companies - Consulting & Training
  • DEI - Scotland - Consulting & Training
  • General Services Administration - Consulting
  • Triad Communications - Consulting, Coaching & Training
  • AT&T - Training
  • General Dynamics - Consulting
  • Walt Disney Imagineering - Training
  • National Dental Health - Consulting, Coaching & Training
  • Institute for Automotive Business Excellence - Coaching & Training
  • Sun Microsystems - Consulting
  • University of Notre Dame - Alumni Association - Speaking & Training
  • Cipher Data Products - Consulting & Coaching
  • FoxMeyer Drug Company - Consulting & Coaching
  • Our Law Enforcement programs are certified in seven states - Training
Charlene Fontaine



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