Your Website & Computer

Your Website & Computer

Your website and computer are two critical components of your business. And both are vulnerable to a variety of potential problems.

Fortunately, we have several solutions that can save you a lot of time and money:

MagicInet  Need a domain name (URL)? Or are you looking for affordable hosting for your website? Take a look at our MagicInet prices for domain name registration and website hosting.

VoiceActingWebsites.comYes… we design websites for voiceover talent and other specialty niche clients. If your website isn’t bringing you clients or it’s not looking the way you want, maybe we can help.

MailerLite Email Service – Email marketing is (or should be) a big part of your promotional efforts. We’ve found a very affordable (as in free for up to 1,000 email addresses) email service that delivers all the quality of the big boys. You can even use MailerLite as a basic contact management database.

Video Conferencing – When you’re negotiating with a client, it can often be to your advantage to meet “face-to-face.” The visual aspect of a meeting can help create a more personal connection between you and your client, which could make the difference between getting the gig or not. We recommend the Zoom video conferencing service. A basic account will give you up to 40 minutes for free with up to 3 people on the call. A regular account will give you unlimited calls for as long as you need, with up to 25 on a call.

WP Security Guardian (COMING SOON) – If your website is built on the WordPress platform, you have a very high risk of your site being hacked. If (or when) that happens, it can be a major challenge to restore your site. is very pleased to be able to offer WP Security Guardian as a WordPress plugin that will instantly eliminate about 92% or more of potential website hacks.