When its time to tell your story, you need a professional who has the skill and versatility to orchestrate the many parts of your project and put the pieces of the production puzzle together. James Alburger can tell your story in so many ways… from a solo voice track narration… to a quirky character… or dialog… to dialog replacement… to award-winning copy writing… to location sound recording… to full audio production, sound design, foley, editing and post-production… for radio, TV, film and video. It’s like magic when James Alburger steps in front of the microphone! When you need a professional voice actor to tell your story, you can count on James. He’s voiced hundreds of commercials, medical narrations, and directed some of the top voice talent in the country. He’s also performed crazy characters for animation and live performance for more than 5 decades.  Click here for James’ full bio. See James VO Rates HERE. Experience the voiceover magic of James Alburger by booking him today for your next project. When you need your production handled from start to finish, you can count on James. He’s been producing audio for more than 5 decades, working in recording studios and television. He has received 11 Emmy’s and numerous other awards for audio production. James works from VoiceActing Studios in San Diego, CA to handle everything from basic voice tracking to broadcast-quality audio and video editing.  Visit VoiceActing Studios and Cigma Media for more information about production services. As the author of “The Art of Voice Acting,” James definitely knows his craft. He is also recognized as one of the top voice acting coaches in the U.S.  James is also well-known among voice actors as the co-producer of the VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE) convention – the world’s largest International get-together for voiceover talent. Learn more about the coaching side of James Alburger at VoiceActing.com.

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