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Sound Services for Film & Video

I work with film and video producers, directors and production companies providing location sound, studio post-production audio, and voiceover talent directing, resulting in the best possible sound for short films, feature-length movies and corporate projects.

The show reel below features both location sound, audio post-production, voice talent directing and music editing. Audio and video post-production are handled through my production company, Cigma Media.

I believe sound can easily be more than 50% of a film or video production. Don't believe it? While watching a film, close your eyes and listen to the sound for a moment. You'll almost instantly get a sense of the mood, tone, drama and emotion of the scene. Now, open your eyes and mute the sound. Sure, the pictures are vital for creating the mood and drama, but without great sound, the emotional subtext of the scene can be difficult to determine. In most cases, you'll be able to follow the emotion of the story much better by listening to the sound than by only watching the pictures.

11-time Emmy Recipient for audio production.

Shooting on the
U.S.S. Midway

IN STUDIO OR ON SET: Pre- and Post-production audio is my specialty. I've been producing award-winning audio for television, radio and live performance since the early 1970's, picking up 11 Emmy's® and an assortment of other awards along the way. I've worked with broadcasters, live performance, film producers and corporate clients. With my digital studio (VoiceActing Studios), I can handle just about any audio situation imaginable including: Voice track recording, ADR (automated dialog replacement), Foley, music scoring, music and sound effects editing, audio clean-up, and complete post-production for film and video. I also personally designed and engineered two television control rooms, a TV audio truck, supervised the sound installation for all meeting rooms for five major voiceover conventions and designed my own studio. How can I help with your studio sound?

Location sound can happen anywhere and experience is a great teacher. With more than 50 years of experience, I've been fortunate to handle location sound mixing and studio recording for literally hundreds of television programs, live meetings and presentations, broadcast interviews, corporate videos, film production, music recordings and radio commercials. How can I help with your location sound?

PLANNING IS IMPORTANT: It’s my goal to provide you with great sound, whether it’s for a company presentation, a training video, a documentary or a feature film. In order to achieve that, I highly recommend bringing me into your production process as early as possible. I'll often be able to save you time, energy and money by understanding the audio needs of your project before the shoot is scheduled.

BEST RATE GUARANTEE: Everyone wants the best deal they can get and I’m willing to make deals – so long as they don’t sacrifice quality. To that end I will match any legitimate quote from any qualified mixer with the same or similar gear for the same job. I will also be happy to discuss your specific needs for combined packages or multi-day bookings that may result in a considerable discount. If you need to see my rates for budgeting purposes, please CLICK HERE.

Studio Sound

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I've been serving the film, video production and live entertainment communities with a complete array of sound services for more than 50 years, receiving eleven Emmy® awards during my 25 years as an audio producer and director with NBC in San Diego. I'll breathe life into your productions with award-winning sound design, recording and post-production audio and video services. 

Studio recording and audio services include:

  • Voice track recording, editing and talent directing
  • Vocal overdubbing
  • Solo music instrument recording
  • ADR (dialog replacement for film and video)
  • Foley (sound effects from library or customized)
  • Audio sweetening/post-production/editing
  • Audio clean-up (noise reduction/elimination, etc.)
  • Music editing and scoring
  • Music licensing
  • Video Editing

Basic studio equipment includes:

  • Digital audio studio
  • 4 video monitor screens
  • High-end microphones (Sennheiser 416, TLM-103, AKG C414B, Mojave FET-1, and others)
  • Isolated Voiceover booth (8'x8')
  • Video conferencing for remote director/producer monitoring of VO sessions
  • Izotope & Waves plugins for signal processing, noise elimination and audio repair
  • File delivery in any standard format and sample rate

For booking, rates and more information, please call 858.484.0220 M-F between 10am and 5pm PT. If you need to know my rates for budgeting purposes, please click here, but keep in mind that my posted rates are for your reference only and actual rates will likely be lower.

Location Sound

I taught myself to edit music when I was 12 years old spent my teenage and college years recording local plays and live music concerts. I've been recording, mixing and editing sound for live events, film, video, radio and television productions ever since. When you need expert location sound or field audio for your next project, I've got the equipment, experience and expertise to give you great sound.

Location (field) recording and audio services include:

  • On-set sound recording for up to 8 microphones simultaneously
  • Synced digital recording with optional feed to camera for reference audio
  • Live event PA sound (with recording available)
  • Talent directing and coaching (at director's request)
  • File delivery as multi-channel audio in a single BWF .wav file or as separate .wav files.

Basic equipment includes:

  • Zoom F8 - 8 track digital field recorder (additional digital recorders available as needed)
  • Tascam & Marantz 2-channel digital recorders
  • Sennheiser 416 Shotgun microphones (with fishpole boom)*
  • Wireless microphones (up to 8: Sennheiser, Saramonic, Audio Technica, Shure)
  • 2-channel hop to camera (optional)
  • Time code lock (jam sync)
  • Headphone monitoring for director
  • Portable audio cart

For booking, rates and more information, please call 858.484.0220 M-F between 10am and 5pm PT. If you need to know my rates for budgeting purposes, please click here, but keep in mind that my posted rates are for your reference only and actual rates will likely be lower.

* Please note that when fishpole boom is requested and I'm mixing more than two lav mics, a separate boom operator is needed. I can arrange for my boom op associate or work with a boom op you provide.

Terms And Conditions

  • Equipment is included for single-day shoots. 
  • Equipment package rental is in addition to day/project labor rate for bookings more than 1 day.
  • A separate boom operator is required for shoots requiring a boom and more than two lav mics. 
  • ALL invoices are net due upon receipt.
  • New clients may be required to pay an advance deposit, pay COD, and/or provide credit references.
  • Accepted payment terms are PayPal, cash, check, credit card (via PayPal), or approved payroll service.
  • Client must accept and sign VoiceActing, LLC rental agreement for all gear used, prior to use.
  • Client to provide approved insurance and documents naming VoiceActing, LLC as additional insured.
  • Client assumes all responsibility for loss, damage, along with repair or replacement of same of any rented item(s) or gear packages for the term of the shoot. Production is responsible for paying the insurance deductible if claim is to be filed.

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