Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Terms and Conditions (CLICK HERE for a PDF copy of these Terms and Conditions):


VoiceActing, LLC Affiliate – (

  1. This Affiliate Agreement shall be between VoiceActing, LLC and the individual whose name appears on the VoiceActing, LLC Affiliate account, as entered in the sign-up form below.
  2. There is no charge to sign up or maintain your affiliate status.
  3. It is understood that your affiliation with VoiceActing, LLC is an opportunity to earn some additional income on a commission basis by referring sales through your affiliate URL link. No other conditions or opportunities are implied or guaranteed.
  4. There is no obligation to use your affiliate status – you may use your affiliate link URL as often or as little as you like.
  5. Your affiliate status will remain active even if not used. If you wish to cancel your affiliate status, please notify us at [email protected]
  6. Using your affiliate URL to direct referrals to, Cigma Media, or specific pages on our websites may result in a commission from sales made through your affiliate link. 
  7. It is understood that not all VoiceActing, LLC products and/or services are commission-able and that commissions may vary widely.
  8. It is specifically understood that 3rd party products and/or services offered through or are not commission-able.
  9. Cancelling your affiliate status will end your ability to receive commissions on sales made through your affiliate URL.
  10. As a VoiceActing, LLC Affiliate, you agree to represent our products and services accurately and in a professional manner.
  11. VoiceActing, LLC makes no guarantees as to the amount of commissions earned in a given period of time or for any work that might be derived as a result of a sale through your affiliation.
  12. Commissions are paid approximately 45 to 60 days after receipt of final payment from client or deposit of transaction funds to our bank, whichever occurs last. This is to allow for adjustments and refunds.
  13. All commissions and other payments are paid via PayPal. A valid email address used for a PayPal account is required in order for payments to be processed correctly.
  14. A properly completed W-9 form is required prior to any commission payments. Complete form and mail via USPS to: VoiceActing, LLC, 13639 Freeport Rd., San Diego, CA 92129.
  15. This affiliate Agreement shall be in effect from the date/time of first sign-up until cancelled by the affiliate or VoiceActing, LLC. VoiceActing, LLC reserves the right to cancel any affiliate at its discretion, if the affiliate is found to violate any of these terms and conditions or is found to be misrepresenting VoiceActing, LLC or any of its products or services.
  16. All VoiceActing, LLC Affiliate Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. The Terms and Conditions as stated on this page shall be considered to be up to date and current as of the date posted above.

Cigma Media Associate Producer (CMAP) – (

If you choose to join the Cigma Media Production Team as an Associate Producer, the following terms and conditions shall also apply:

  1. All VoiceActing, LLC affiliate terms and conditions above shall apply to Cigma Media Associate Producers.
  2. Cigma Media Associate Producers (AP) may earn an agent commission on production billing for audio and video productions referred to Cigma Media through their affiliate URL link or through other documentation.
    1. The current standard agent commission is 15% of the production invoice, less certain “pass-through” expenses that do not generate any profit. (See #4 below).
  3. It is understood and agreed that Cigma Media Associate Producers are independent contractors, and as such, shall maintain their own business operation.
    1. The AP shall be responsible for all aspects of their business and release Cigma Media from any liability resulting from mis-representation or other legal issues that might affect AP’s relationship with Cigma Media.
    2. The AP shall only be compensated for work brought to Cigma Media through their representation of Cigma Media as an Associate Producer.
    3. The AP is free to promote Cigma Media to whatever degree they are comfortable with no restrictions or limitations.
    4. The AP agrees to represent Cigma Media and their personal business in a professional manner at all times.
  4. It is understood and agreed that certain aspects of a production that require outsourced or third-party contractors, licensing and certain in-house services are considered “pass-through” expenses and are therefore non-commissionable, and shall not be included in the calculation of any commission. In the event that any outsourced services, licensing or in-house services are marked up and create a profit point, the amount of profit mark-up shall be included in the calculation for any commissions due.
  5. Cigma Media Associate Producers may additionally earn a talent fee on projects referred through their CMAP affiliate URL or through other documentation.
  6. It is understood and agreed that Cigma Media, including its employees and associates, does not serve as an “agent” or represent any talent in any way.
    1. Any bookings talent might receive for voiceover or on-camera work are solely based on talent’s personal promotional efforts or the client’s choice of booking talent directly from the “Actors” page on the Cigma Media website.
  7. It is understood that all Cigma Media productions are non-union and talent fees are not commission-able.
    1. Talent fees are generally below union scale, but are comparable with most pay-to-pay audition services. 
    2. Cumulative income can easily exceed union scale when the production commission is factored in. 
  8. Commissions for “annual” or otherwise recurring productions shall be recurring, based on the monthly fee charged to the client.
    1. Commissions shall be paid under the terms of this agreement, upon completion and delivery of individual productions. 
    2. Commissions for recurring productions paid for with a single payment shall be paid out as individual productions are delivered to the client, not as a single payment.
  9. Talent fees will generally be passed directly to the talent at the posted rate, or at a higher rate negotiated by Cigma Media. In some cases a casting fee may be charged to the client, but there will never be any membership fee or deductions of any kind taken out of the talent fee paid to either voiceover or on-camera talent.
  10. Talent fee rates will vary depending on the type and length of the production. Basic, minimum rates, posted on the Cigma Media pricing page, are subject to change and may be subject to negotiation depending on the client. It is our intention to maintain the posted minimum rates, and to negotiate a higher talent fee whenever possible.
  11. It is understood that any Talent Fee associated with a project is paid based on the fee for that specific production, not on monthly or annual billing. In other words, a 12-month, 24 video annual plan would incur 12 monthly payments (or one annual payment), but would result in 24 talent fees (one talent fee for each video).
    1. Talent fees for productions paid for with monthly payments, or for a single production, shall be paid under the terms of this agreement, following completion and delivery of individual productions. 
    2. Talent fees for recurring productions paid for with a single payment shall be paid under the terms of this agreement, as individual productions are delivered to the client, not as a single payment.
  12. It is understood that any clients referred to Cigma Media shall be non-exclusive.
    1. Clients referred by an Associate Producer shall remain with that Associate Producer as their client for future marketing, AND shall become a client of Cigma Media for its future marketing.
    2. There shall be no limitations or restrictions regarding access to client information by either the Associate Producer or Cigma Media upon completion of any individual client contract or annual plan agreement.
  13. It is understood that productions arriving at Cigma Media without an Associate Producer connected to the project shall be considered “in-house” and shall not be commission-able.
  14. Any clients booking production or other services through Cigma Media, by contacting us directly, and NOT going through their Associate Producer, AFTER completion of any “annual” or other recurring program, or after completion of a single project initially booked through an Associate Producer, shall be considered “in-house” and such production shall not be commission-able.
  15. Talent fees shall be included with any payments due for commission-able sales.
  16. Before any commissions or talent fees can be paid out, the AP must submit a completed IRS W-9 form for tax purposes.
  17. All Cigma Media Associate Producer Terms and Conditions, support materials, and other documentation or downloads are subject to change without notice.