Whether you're a pro, or just starting...
What's the number one problem you face
every day as a voice actor?

Here's a hint:

It's NOT finding and retaining clients!

OK... Sure, finding and retaining clients for your voiceover work is definitely something you do every day...

And it can certainly be very challenging at times. But if you are a typical voiceover talent, that's not your biggest problem.

Unless you have other talents and services you can offer your clients,
your biggest problem is this...

When you call a new prospect,
or even an existing client...
you have only one thing to talk about...
Your voiceover work!

A Very Short Conversation...

You've probably experienced it... you call or email a new prospect - or even a current client - to promote your voiceover work, and you get the classic "...nothing today" response. That can be difficult to challenge or counter... and that can make for a very short conversation that is not only frustrating, but sometimes downright depressing.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

We've come up with a way for you to keep your prospects and clients engaged in a conversation where you can help them with much more than just your voiceover work. And at the end of that conversation, you could be not only earning a VO talent fee in a market niche you may have never considered, but you could also be earning a recurring commission on the entire production.

All by only making some minor adjustments in the way you do your marketing.

What if you could open doors to a whole new world of possibilities for increasing your VO work, helping your clients...
and do all of this:

  • Show your prospects and small business clients how they can bring in more business...
  • Help your clients strengthen their brand...
  • Help your clients get better search results for their websites...
  • Give your clients access to affordable video production services...
  • Find new clients in places you may have never explored before...
  • Get more voiceover work for yourself...
  • Be part of an award-winning audio/video production team...
  • Earn a commission on customized productions...
  • Get the training and support you need...
  • Earn a commission on VoiceActing Academy events, products and services

And what if you could do ALL of this - and more - without spending a penny or doing anything much different from what you're already doing with your day-to-day marketing!

What's this all about?

Keep in mind that what I'm about to propose is completely FREE!

There is absolutely NO COST TO YOU. Nothing... Zip... Nada... Zilch!

If you've purchased anything on the Internet, there's a good chance your purchase was part of a concept known as Affiliate Marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing works like this:  

  • Person #1 signs up to be an affiliate in order to have the right to sell Person #2's product or service.
  • When Person #3 buys that product or service, Person #1 (the affiliate) receives a commission on the sale.

It's really a pretty simple concept that's been around for a long time, and it is a proven way to generate additional income. 

So, here's what this means for you.

We've decided to open up affiliate opportunities for VoiceActing Academy products, workshops and services. When you sign up as a VoiceActing Affiliate, you can promote VoiceActing Academy events and products and earn a commission when someone purchases through your Affiliate Link.

Signing up as a VoiceActing Affiliate is completely free, and the commissions you can earn will vary depending on how and what you choose to promote using your Affiliate Link.

But that's just the beginning!

Although being a VoiceActing affiliate can certainly bring in some extra cash, we've come up with something even better that, we think, can really help you build your voiceover business.


This is your official invitation to join
the Cigma Media production team
as an Associate Producer.

Before we get into the details of how you can be part of the Cigma Media team, here's some background information you should know.

Since before VoiceActing.com ever existed, James Alburger has been quietly creating award-winning audio and video as an independent producer/director/editor. If you've had your voiceover demo produced by James, or if you've attended a VoiceActing Academy workshop, or if you've attended a VOICE convention, you know the quality of his work and his attention to detail.

For more than a year, James has been working on an idea that would create a win-win-win situation for our clients, the voiceover community and our production company.

We took a long hard look at our audio and video production services and went back to the drawing board to re-organize this part of VoiceActing, LLC.

The result is Cigma Media.

If you've read the preface to his book, The Art of Voice Acting, you know that James was a professional magician for more than 30 years. Cigma is an anagram of the word "Magic," and nearly 4 decades of performing experience on stage is quite an education in communication and understanding how to connect with an audience. And that's before nearly two decades as a professional voice actor!

You should also know that before opening VoiceActing.com, James had a 25-year career with NBC as a television director and audio producer - receiving 11 Emmy Awards. That's a lot of Media experience... not to mention James' extensive knowledge of newer audio and video technologies, website design, advertising, marketing and more.

The primary focus of Cigma Media is the production of short videos for small-to-medium size businesses that aren't currently using video or that want to use video for their marketing, but don't have a big budget. But that's really only the beginning! We also produce long-form marketing videos, demos, "How-to..." videos, provide website consulting, offer webinar services and more.

In today's world of Internet marketing, Social Media, and websites, effective communication with customers is critical to the success of any business. And video is an absolute necessity for any business that wants to grow or get better page rankings in Internet browsers. Video is so important that, in April 2015, Google changed its page ranking protocols to actually penalize websites that don't have video by giving them lower page rankings.

Now... you can help your prospects and clients as a Cigma Media Associate Producer!

So, What's a Cigma Media Associate Producer?

Don't forget... there is absolutely no cost to be a Cigma Media Associate Producer.

Joining Cigma Media as one of our Associate Producers is simply another type of affiliate relationship with VoiceActing, LLC. As a Cigma Media AP, you'll be representing, and have access to, an award-winning audio/video production company.

´╗┐An Associate Producer is NOT a sales rep!

Ok, yes... you will be representing Cigma Media. But you do NOT work for us - you remain an independent contractor. Your primary job as one of our Associate Producers continues to be YOUR voiceover business. We are simply giving you the opportunity and ability to offer more services to your clients and to earn a commission on any work you send our way. You'll earn a fair commission on projects that come to us through you, and you'll earn a talent fee when you are the voice talent. You can choose to use your Cigma Media AP position as much or as little as you choose. Everything is explained in more detail when you sign up.

Your association with Cigma Media will put you in a position where you can help your prospects and current clients with much more than just your voiceover work. 

Here's how it works:

  • There is absolutely no charge to be a Cigma Media Associate Producer or a VoiceActing Affiliate. It's completely FREE, with no strings attached. But you must sign up to participate1. Your Affiliate status can be used at any time - as often or as infrequently as you choose. There are no limits and no restrictions on how you use your affiliation membership: You can choose to promote any of our services or products - or never use your affiliate membership at all. The only thing we ask is that, when you do promote our products and services, you do not mis-represent us or yourself. We give you a lot of support material and we're here to help in whatever ways we can.
  • Step #1: Sign up as a VoiceActing, LLC Affiliate - Your FREE affiliate membership gives you the ability to earn a commission on sales for VoiceActing Academy workshops and products that are purchased through your Affiliate link. You'll get access to complete instructions on how to use your Affiliate link and an assortment of images that you can use on your website, social media or other marketing.
  • Step #2: Sign up as a Cigma Media Associate Producer - You must be a VoiceActing Affiliate before you can sign up as a Cigma Media AP, but you do not need to promote VoiceActing products or services unless you choose to do so. As a Cigma Media Associate Producer, you'll receive a ton of support materials to help you market Cigma Media video production AND you as a voice actor.
  • Earn a Commission for Cigma Media Productions2 - For every Cigma Media project that is booked through your Affiliate link or other documentation (on the form we provide), you'll receive a 15% agency commission on the total production invoice.
  • Earn a Talent Fee on projects that you voice3 - You'll also receive the full posted VO talent fee when you are the voice for any projects brought in by you or when you are booked from our on-site Actor list. We believe you deserve to be fairly compensated for your efforts, and we'll never reduce your earnings by taking a commission or charging a membership fee
  • Download our Cigma Media support materials - When you sign up as a Cigma Media Associate Producer, you'll instantly be sent to our web page with lots of support materials including basic instructions on how to market yourself as a Cigma Media Associate Producer, a template for creating your personal Cigma Media business card, and lots of support materials that will give you ideas and conversation topics as you speak to your prospects. 
  • Get access to our video and webinar training - We're planning a variety of support and training videos and webinars that will show you exactly how to market Cigma Media to your prospects and clients. You'll have access to everything as long as your Assoicate Producer Affiliation is active.
  • Have your Cigma Media VO sample posted on the "Actors" page of our website4 - If you plan to be one of our voice talent, you must be able to record a high-quality voice track that meets our standards. We use a standardized script for all VO talent. Everything is explained on the website and in the downloads you'll receive when you sign up as a Cigma Media Associate Producer.
  • Have your Cigma Media VO sessions directed by James Alburger - Until we know you better, your first few VO sessions will most likely be directed by James. After that, your VO sessions will be "producer-less/directorless".
  • Do you have other talents? If you're also an on-camera talent, a graphics designer, website designer, copy writer, offer SEO services, or have other talents or skills that we can promote through Cigma Media, please let us know what they are and your basic rates. We can't guarantee you any work for those sevices, but if you are booked for services promoted through Cigma Media, we'll do our best to get your full fee. In most cases, for sub-contracted services (other than voiceover), we will add a nominal service charge to the final price paid by our client. 

Start talking to your prospects and clients about a lot more than just your voiceover work.

Be a Cigma Media Associate Producer.

Click Here to Sign Up Today!

1. There is no charge to become a VoiceActing LLC Affiliate or Cigma Media Associate Producer and no obligation to use either affiliate membership.

2. Commissions on Annual Plan and "Ready-to-Go" projects are based on total production invoice. Commissions on productions that require specific negotiation with the client are based on the total invoice, less the following: Music licensing fees, outsourced production services, outsourced copy writing services, casting fees, producing/directing fees. Because talent fees billed to our clients are included in the total production invoice, we do not pay a separate commission on talent fees. Commissions paid on VoiceActing Academy products and services are separate from Cigma Media and will vary.

3. When booked as voice talent, you will receive the full talent fee as stated on our website or that we might negotiate with the client. Annual Plan talent fees are non-negotiable. We never charge you a service fee or take a commission for your contributions as voiceover talent. In some cases, we reserve the right to mark-up talent fees in order to cover our promotional marketing costs. All talent fees are non-commisionable and are only paid for the specific project(s) in which talent's voice is used.

4. Posting your sample voice track on the "Actors" page of the Cigma Media website is not a guarantee of work. It is solely an opportunity to present your voice to prospective clients who visit that page of our website. We do not work as your agent or representative and do not promote one voice talent over another. We strongly recommend that you promote yourself as the voiceover talent for projects you send to Cigma Media. However, if Cigma Media is contacted directly to produce the project, and there is no Associate Producer attached to the project, we reserve the right to choose the voice talent we feel is best for that project, whether from our in-house "Actors" page or not.


The names and logos for Cigma Media, VoiceActing Academy and VOICE are property of VoiceActing, LLC
All content is copyright 2016, VoiceActing, LLC, all rights reserved



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