Your story is a critical asset for Your business . . .

HowIsYourStoryHeard-72x400Communicating your company’s message in a way that is clearly understood is vital in today’s highly competitive business environment. Effective communication skills are critical for every employee, from the front-line receptionist, to the sales & marketing team, to middle management, to the CEO. Communicating your company’s message to customers, employees, and vendors is essential for the success of your business.

You may think your message is heard...
but you’d be surprised

Most business executives believe their company’s story is heard and understood through their marketing and advertising. But the reality is that only a small fraction of those “experiencing” the message ever pay attention to it or really understand it. A print mailer, video, or radio commercial that might make perfect sense to the people in charge, can easily be completely meaningless to the intended audience.

That’s where we come in!

You have a story to tell - and its our job to help you tell it.

People love a good story! And your business has all the elements of a great story.

  • drama, conflict, tension, and excitement;
  • an audience interested in your story;
  • performers playing a variety of roles in telling your story;
  • and a variety of ways in which  your story can be told.

But many business owners (including some of the country’s largest corporations) are stuck in “old school” thinking. They assume that because they have a consistent customer base, or that they’ve been in business for a long time, their advertising and other communication is working well. So, they keep doing what they’ve always done, often keeping everything “in house.” In most cases, they’d be wrong!

In music, its the orchestra conductor who coordinates every aspect... every nuance... of the performance to result in an emotional experience that is not soon forgotten: the rhythm, the pacing, the flow, the balance between the many different instruments of the orchestra... all are woven together to create an experience that brings the music to life.

That's what we do as communication skills coaches and consultants: we show you how to bring your company’s story to life through the energy and dynamics of your business communication, whether its verbal, print, audio or video.

Your business is in the spotlight at all times. The success of your business, or the challenges your business faces, can usually be traced directly to the effectiveness of how your company’s communication is perceived by your staff, customers and clients.

In other words...
if your company’s voice can’t be heard, or is misunderstood, your business can suffer

Its a common practice for top athletes and business executives to enlist the services of a coach. Coaching provides clarity, focus, direction, and helps achieve desired results faster.

James Alburger and Penny Abshire work with you and your staff to develop all aspects of your business communication, both internally and to your customers and clients. With more than five decades of directing, acting, voiceover, advertising, radio, television, and stage experience, they will give you an entirely new perspective when it comes to your marketing materials, print design, and media advertising.

As a CorComCo client, you’ll receive a completely customized program
designed to meet your company’s specific communication needs.

James and Penny work as a team, coaching you and your staff in small groups, large seminars, or one-on-one. As your coach and consultant, CorComCo will bring a fresh set of very experienced eyes and ears to help you develop strategic systems designed to take your business communication to a level of market dominance.

CorComCo can help with these areas of communication:

  • Internal verbal communication
  • Internal written communication
  • Sales team to client
  • Print advertising and marketing
  • Radio advertising
  • Television advertising
  • Video marketing
  • and more...

The list of business professionals who have benefited from coaching by James and Penny includes: business executives, clergy, television news journalists, radio personalities, professional voice actors, film actors, professional speakers, sales people, tour directors, and corporate management, among others. Click here to read some of the nice things people have said about James Alburger and Penny Abshire.

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