Here’s what people are saying about CorComCoaching

Valuable info - fun atmosphere - great concepts! you’re A-B-C’s and M.O.V.E. are gems that I’ll use!
     Ken Chapman
     Management Training Consultant
     Las Vegas, NV

You showed me some incredible ways to get my message out that I never imagined were possible!
     Kathy Boettcher
     CEO, author
     Eesoo Productions

Great coaching! James and Penny really “know their stuff”! They’re very good teachers! We’ll use this immediately.
     Paul Jennings
     VP Marketing
     Productivity Associates
     San Diego, CA

James Alburger & Penny Abshire helped us take our USANA business to the next level.  We have incorporated many of their ideas and techniques into our presentations. Their coaching has definitely made a difference in how we present ourselves to clients.  James and Penny know what they are talking about and have a gift for sharing that information with others.
     Ron & Reina Bolles
     Chula Vista, CA

I attended the San Diego Engaged Encounter National Convention at the Town & Country Hotel last weekend and I was amazed at your presentation. It was FANTASTIC!! I’ve attended several full day seminars on presentation skills, but I’ve never seen what I witnessed at your workshop. I couldn’t stop talking about it when I returned to work.

I work as a trainer teaching computer skills and many of your wonderful ideas and concepts on presenting material, I WILL USE!!! :-) Staff attend my presentations because they have to, it’s part of their job. Why have these skills not been taught before? It was great and I’ll be sure to attend one of your full day workshops in the near future. Maybe I can get a group together and we can all attend!
     Terry Vasquez
     Professional Trainer
     La Jolla, CA

I was amazed at the level of professionalism and the instructors’ expertise. I had a great time and learned a lot in a very short time.
     Carrie Thomas
     Sr. Detective
     San Diego Police Dept.

I was a CEO for much of my 40-year banking career. I had experience in just about every aspect of the banking business. In addition, I acquired a detailed knowledge of thousands of other businesses and organizations. As I think back on those organizations that were successful and those that were not, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the biggest factors that determine organizational outcomes is verbal communication.

Upon reflection, I must confess that I no longer believe I was as effective as a communicator as I thought at the time. Sadly, there were too many times I used the sheer number of words to get across my message. I must have bored those poor people to death! There were other times when I thought I had motivated the troops with an exciting speech only to find out later that they misunderstood me and the opposite response was the result.

I wished I had possessed the speaking skills I’ve learned in your workshops a few decades ago. I now see clearly that communication success consists of equal parts of message content and message delivery.

Today I’m using the techniques I learned from you in my new career as a voice over talent. But I often wish I could go back to my previous career for a “do over”. I know I would be so much better at solving problems, acquiring new business and helping my staff be more effective if I knew then what you have taught me.
     Mike Dunahee
     former bank CEO, Voice Actor
     Los Angeles, CA

Wow! I’ve got a lot to think about now! Your concepts are HUGE! I can hardly wait to start using them! Thanks for a great seminar.
     Gina Bolles
     professional actor/dancer
     SomeBodies Dance Theatre

     Chula Vista, CA

Thank you doesn't express my gratitude enough but it's the best word I have. Thank you for the entertaining and educating presentation. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is still talking about it and I am getting positive comments daily. What we say to others as well as to ourselves has such far reaching effects.  But that wasn't the only thing. That charm you have has worked its magic.
     Shirley Valley
     Women at the Well
     San Diego, CA


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