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James Alburger &  Penny AbshireJames and Penny have been a dynamic creative and performing team for more than a decade. They’ve written, created characters, voiced, produced and edited everything from radio commercials; to television commercials; to an animated film as an Alzheimer’s fundraiser; to an educational children’s CD; to a motivational CD of original poetry and music; to complex medical narration for web learning and corporate marketing; to performing as assorted toys and a variety of animials (including a singing Toucan, a be-bopping Bear, a humming bird, and even a “happy” Hippopotamus! They’ve worked as producers, directors and performance coaches for professional speakers, a wide variety of dancers, and even specialty performers like magicians, mimes, knife throwers, and a living statue. In short... these two truly add character to whatever they do!

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James R. Alburger:

Company founder, executive producer, writer, engineer, professional speaker, and author of The Art of Voice Acting - considered by most VO professionals as the #1 book on the subject, and used by dozens of universities in their theater arts curriculum. James is the creator of The Art of Voice Acting Workshop, co-executive producer of the VoiceOver International Creative Experience convention (VOICE), and - oh, yeah - he’s also a top-level voice actor. Did we mention the 11 Emmy Awards James has received for television sound design during his 25 years with NBC, and the numerous other awards for his commercial and audio production?

Penny Abshire:

Senior producer, creative director, copy writer, professional speaker, director, author of Demo and Marketing Magic for Voice Actors, co-executive producer of the VOICE conference, and a very versatile voice actor. Penny is also an award-winning copy writer, receiving numerous Omni Intermedia, Silver Microphone, Communicator and other awards for her creative copy writing and voiceover work.

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