Are you happy with your website?

It's surprising how many people think that by just having a website, they will somehow instantly start getting more business. The reality is that your website is just a small part of your marketing plan and if it doesn't make you look like a professional, those who visit your site will simply go away.

It’s not common knowledge, but James Alburger knows his way around the Internet pretty well… and for the past several years, he’s been quietly helping lots of folks get their domain names registered and websites hosted. He's also been building websites for a long time, but has never promoted his design services... Until now!

If you need some basic website services like registering your domain, or hosting your site at really good prices, then we can certainly help you Here.

Need a Website that Works? Read on…

In today's rapid-pace world, you've got about 5-seconds to grab a website visitor's attention and get them interested in reading more. That's a challenge that James Alburger has been solving for many years with his voiceover work, audio and video production, copy writing... and website design.

Website design is moving away from elaborate websites with several pages and lots of bells and whistles, to a much cleaner and concise design of only a few pages.

And that's exactly the kind of website that James Alburger designs. In fact, this page, and most of the sales pages here at fit the new model for website design. 

James has been building websites for close to 20 years both in HTML and in Wordpress... and now he's available to build your site through the MagicInet unit of VoiceActing, LLC.

James specializes in one and two-page websites built on the Wordpress platform. That means, a typical voiceover talent’s or small business website will tell their whole story on one page, or if more information needs to be provided, maybe two pages... and there might be a third page for a client list, performing credits, or perhaps a blog. The days of having separate pages for demos and contact information are gone. The objective with today's website is to have all the critical information "above the fold," on the first visible screen, without the visitor having to scroll down the page.

What will my new website look like?:

In a word or two... Your website can look just about any way you like! In order to give you the lowest price possible, we use a special WordPress page builder that gives us the ability to quickly build very clean and professional websites at a very affordable price that is far less than what you might expect.

If you've been browsing through, you've seen lots of possibilities. Many of the pages on this website - including this page - have been designed with our special software. 

Here are just a few examples of websites we’ve built for our clients:

James Alburger
2-page personal voiceover website with demos. Bio on second page

Kerry Ross
2-page site for a professional magician. Clients on second page.

Your Health is Your Wealth Symposium
1 page site for a health and wellness event.

1-page site for an International business consultant.

George Asteri
1-page site for professional voice actor. Demos, bio and contact info all on one page.
1-page site for financial planner promoting medicare and retirement services.

Simple and Easy:

Here’s how it works: Your site design starts when you call us at 858.484.0220 (between 10am and 5pm M-F, Pacific Time). You’ll have a conversation with James to go over some critical details, Then, you’ll send us your basic content, including text, images, bio, videos, email address capture link, demos, client list, contact info and anything else you want on your web page… and we build the website for one, low price. And if you want a video, demo, or something else that you don't yet have... chances are that we can handle that too (at an small additional charge, of course.)

No complicated contracts. No surprises. Simple and easy, right? 

Because the price is so low, you’ll need to trust that James will design a site that reflects your personality and brand. That sort of thing will be covered during your initial conversation. You can, of course, offer your suggestions and ideas (like color scheme, fonts, branding, etc.), and you'll have an opportunity for a few changes and corrections - but the ultimate site design and layout will be determined by James.

Please note that your website design is completely separate from domain name registration, website hosting, media streaming services and online advertising, and our design services cannot be bundled with any other services. Although we don’t offer those services directly, we can send you in the right direction to get them set up… often for free.

What's in and What's not:


Most voiceover talent, actors and other performers use their website as their online portfolio. It's a destination designed to demonstrate their abilities, talent qualifications, versatility and performing history to agents, producers, and other talent buyers. Because an actor's website is not primarily a sales site, there are many things that are commonly found on an Internet sales website that are unnecessary. 


A business website can serve any of several purposes: it can be a sales portal for retail products and/or services; it can be an informational portfolio - a sort of online brochure; it can be a blog site for disseminating a constant stream of information; it can be a "sales funnel" designed to feature a single basic product or service, while encouraging the customer to upgrade to additional products or features as part of the purchasing process; or it can be just about anything you can imagine. 

Although your website will be set up with basic Search Engine Optimization metatags, keywords, and other necessary tools, we don't include a lot of the bells and whistles that add costs and time to the design and construction of your site. Our objective is to create a 1-to-3 page website that effecively communicates your marketing message to your prospective customers.

If we determine that the website you want appears to be beyond the scope of what we do, we'll let you know.I

With that said, when we build your website, we guarantee it will get your visitor's attention and help to establish or build your brand as a performer and business.

Here's a list of things that are included in our Basic Web Design Flat-Rate Package:

  • Website design is handled in-house with most (if not all) of the work done personally by James Alburger
  • Basic Flat-rate website design is for a one-page site using one of our licensed templates
  • Additional pages are optional (Bio, Additional services, On-camera, Stage, etc.)
  • Email capture/subscription form upon request (you must have a white-listed email service like
  • Demo player included – Soundcloud or VoiceZam recommended
  • Video player is included for Vimeo, Youtube or Embedded video
  • All graphics work that might be needed, including Photoshop image adjustments
  • Copy re-writes (we make your content sound better – any copy changes will be submitted for your approval)
  • Links as needed
  • Media set-up (including file format adjustment if needed) – We recommend hosting your audio on Soundcloud (we can help you set up a free Soundcloud account if needed). We recommend or for hosting video files.
  • Social Media links to your Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Basic SEO tags and keywords
  • Uploading to your hosting service
  • You will have up to three changes

All of the following are optional add-ons, and are not included in our basic web pages in order to save you money and get your site online faster. 

  • Blog - A WordPress site will usually include a Blog component that is tied to a database. Please note that the basic flat-rate website will not include the blog page. If you want to include a Blog on your site, we can do that upon request, but there will be an additional charge for us to install the Wordpress theme, create your blog page, consturct the site menu and set up the blog feed. You can also install and set up your own blog theme and it will not affect the website pages we build for your site.
  • Domain registration (If you don't already have your domain name, you can register it HERE)
  • Domain hosting (You can host your website HERE). Wordpress will need to be installed on your hosted site.
  • If you want us to set up your Wordpress database and website, we can do that for a small extra charge.
  • Ecommerce PayPal button setup - Get paid directly through your website. If you choose to use PayPal as your payment portal, we can handle your payment button setup at an additional charge, or if you know how to create your buttons, you can simply send us the HTML button code.
  • Ecommerce or Merchant service. If you already work with a Merchant service, we should be able to integrate your payment buttons into your website, but there will be a small charge for that. 
  • Media hosting (help setting up your cloud media hosting account with Soundcloud, Vimeo or Youtube is an additional charge)
  • SEO optimizing and multiple search engine submissions (basic SEO Metatags and Keywords are included).
  • Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Depending on the purpose of your website, online advertising may or may not be to your benefit. We don't directly handle online advertising, but we may be able to point you in the right direction.
  • Website support and maintenance. Weekly or Montly support, or updating your site is an additional charge.

Flat Rate Pricing:

While most website designers will charge by the hour, we’ve chosen to charge a flat rate for the websites we design - no matter how long it takes to build it... and it's a lot lower than you might expect.

Be aware that some other website designers may appear to cost a less... but when you read the fine print, the reality is that they will cost a LOT more!

One low price*  -  No monthly fees**  - Simple & Easy***

First Page:
Pages 2-3:
Pages 4 +:

On-going support/updating:


$597 (each page)
$497 (each page)

$100/month on an annual contract, with PayPal autopay
Individual update sessions are available at $75/hour with a 2-hour minimum per update.

Turn-around for site completion ranges from 5 days to 2 weeks

    * Our low price for website design is subject to change without notice. 
  ** Monthly fees may apply for some upgraded services like monthly maintenance and support or website hosting.
*** Websites are built using proprietary, licensed software that works as an overlay on top of a standard WordPress theme.  By engaging us to build your website, your site is covered under our license for as long as you maintain your hosting and domain registration(s). We do not provide training on how to use our software, However, editing our software is pretty self-explanatory. Some knowledge of HTML code will be necessary for some modifications like audio and video media players.

How do I Get Mine?

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