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Thanks for your interest in being a VoiceActing Academy and/or Cigma Media Affiliate.

If you have already signed up as an Affiliate or Cigma Media Associate Producer, CLICK HERE to log in.

There is no cost to you to be an Affiliate. When you promote our events, products or services through your Affiliate Link, and someone registers or purchases through your link or referral, you will receive a commission. When you also become a Cigma Media Associate Producer through our separate sign-up, you can earn a commission and talent fee from projects produced by Cigma Media. You must first sign up or log in on this page to be a VoiceActing, LLC affiliate before you can be a Cigma Media Associate Producer or access the Cigma Media support materials.

After signing up (or logging in), you will be immediately forwarded to our page with all the details and instructions on how to use your Affiliate link and an opportunity to sign up (or login) as a Cigma Media Associate Producer. You will also receive a confirmation email with your full Affiliate link code. DO NOT DELETE THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL – you will need your Affiliate number in the email in order to use your Affiliate link. You will be able to access the Affiliate information page at any time by logging in to your VoiceActing account or returning to this page.

Your first step is to sign up as a VoiceActing LLC Affiliate. You MUST sign up below EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A VOICEACTING ACCOUNT. All fields are required.


The form below is the only way to create your primary VoiceActing Affiliate Account. After your Affiliate Account is created, use the LOGIN menu option at the top of any page for “Affiliate Sign-up/Login” to return to this page.

The form below is your login for Affiliate information. You can log in to your main VoiceActing account by using the “Account Login” option in the LOGIN menu bar. Your account Home page will have all products and registrations you have made through VoiceActing, LLC.

It is critically important that you use your PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS for your Affiliate Account. This is the only way we can assure you will be paid any commissions you are due. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set up a free account at

Please read our Terms and Conditions.

By signing up or logging in through the form below, you are signifying your understanding of and agreement to the following VoiceActing, LLC



If you have already signed up for an Affiliate Account, just enter your First Name and Email Address, then check the confirmation box at the bottom of the form. When you click Submit, you will see a message that says “MSG_Already signed up”. Click “OK” to continue. You should be immediately re-directed to the next page with information on how to use your Affiliate link. If you are asked to log in to your account: Your Username is your PayPal email address. Your temporary password is one word, all lower case:   voiceacting   We suggest you click on Edit Profile to change your password after logging in.

If you have any problems creating your Affiliate Account, please call us M-F, 10am-5pm Pacific Time at 858.484.0220.

Clicking the “Sign Me Up or Log Me In” button signifies your understanding and agreement to the Terms and Conditions stated HERE.

Already signed up:  Login using only your First Name and Email Address

If you are a first-time sign-up, please complete ALL FIELDS of the form below to create your account (Username is optional). In the future, you will only need to enter your first name and email address to log in.

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