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VoiceOver International Creative Experience

Put on your VOICE Thinking cap and get comfy in your VOICE “T”…
…then cozy up and listen to more than 150 hours of
the Best VO Information You Won’t Find Anywhere Else!

Our goal with the VOICE Convention has always been to provide, as Connie Terwilliger described it at VOICE 2007, “… a fire hose of information.”

The VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE) was the first and original International convention devoted to voice acting. Until VOICE, nothing on this scale had been offered to the voiceover community. VOICE was created to bring the voiceover community together… and that’s exactly what we did! During the five years of the convention’s history, hundreds of voice actors from more than a dozen countries traveled to the U.S. to learn from the best of the best in voiceover. Masters from every genre of voiceover taught convention attendees everything from performing warm-ups to high-level marketing strategies.

We brought together George Whittam and Dan Lenard who created the VO Body Shop (www.vobs.tv), we had vendors introduce new products and services, and several couples met at the convention and later married. After five conventions, spanning seven years, VOICE had spawned more than a dozen other events ranging from small one-day mini-conventions to several large events approaching the scale of VOICE. After VOICE 2014, we determined that we had accomplished what we set out to do and decided to retire VOICE in its current format. 

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With five years of VOICE convention recordings, you now have access to some of the most current and comprehensive information on the craft and business of voiceover as taught by the top voiceover coaches and experts in their fields. If you’re serious about learning everything you can about voiceover, you won’t want to miss any of these great recordings.

Now you can add the entire sets of VOICE 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 convention recordings to your voiceover resource library – and at a fraction of the price of attending a multi-day convention! You could spend thousands of dollars on workshops and other events, and still not get the information in these recordings.

VOICE convention recordings are available only as MP3 and PDF files for all convention sessions. Sets can be downloaded from your VoiceActing Academy member account or purchased as a “Convention Box” that can be shipped to you. Everything VOICE is sold as a compilation only. Individual sessions or convention years are not available.

For a limited time, you can get the entire collection of VOICE convention recordings and more for an incredibly low price!

Here’s your opportunity to learn from the best of the best in voiceover! Everything VOICE includes more than 150 hours of programs featuring training sessions from more than 75 of the top coaches, trainers and consultants in the world of voiceover.

Here’s what you’ll receive*:

* Everything below is included when you order the Everything VOICE “box.” You can also order all 5 convention downloads! Download orders are MP3 and PDF files only and do not include DVD-Rom, Show Bag, Printed Workbooks, Magazines, T’s or Ball Cap.

  • VOICE 2014 recordings on DVD-Rom – $622 value
  • VOICE 2014 Show Bag – $12 value
  • VOICE 2012 recordings on DVD-Rom – $325 value
  • VOICE 2012 Show Bag – $12 value
  • VOICE 2010 recordings on DVD-Rom – $247 value
  • VOICE 2010 Show Bag – $12 value
  • VOICE 2010 Magazine – $10 value (PDF on DVD-Rom. Print version included as available)
  • VOICE 2010 Workbooks (PDF)
  • VOICE 2008 recordings on DVD-Rom – $197 value
  • VOICE 2008 Show Bag – $12 value
  • VOICE 2008 Magazine – $10 value (PDF on DVD-Rom. Print version included as available)
  • VOICE 2008 Workbooks (PDF)
  • VOICE 2007 recordings on DVD-Rom – $147 value
  • VOICE 2007 Workbooks (PDF)
  • VOICE Ball Cap (as available – we choose color) – $12 value
  • VOICE Tee (as available – you select size) – $12 value

That’s more than 150 hours of critical voiceover information from the world’s top voice acting coaches! With the “box,” you’ll also get convention workbooks, show bags for 2008-2014, the VOICE 2008 & 2010 printed magazines, and more! If you attended all five VOICE conventions you would have spent more than $2500 for everything here!

Some of these items (like the T-shirts and Ball caps) are in limited supply, so we can’t guarantee they will be included in your “box.” You can tell us what color and size you’d like and we’ll do our best. But if we run out… they’re gone! So, the sooner you order your set of Everything VOICE, the better.

And, when you order the Everything VOICE “box” today, we’ll even throw in FREE SHIPPING. Sorry, but we cannot accept VOICE “box” orders for shipment outside the continental United States.

You can order Everything VOICE for the ridiculously low price of only…

$597 for the “box”


$497 for downloads

For about the cost of attending just one voiceover workshop…
you’ll get everything from all FIVE VOICE conventions!
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Order your personal set of Everything VOICE Today!

When your order is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to access the Everything VOICE downloads. If you do not receive the email within an hour or so, please contact us at support@voiceacting.com.

VOICE “box” – $597 + Free Shipping

Includes 4 DVD-Rom with all 5 conventions plus access to online downloads.

Select Ball Cap color - if not available, we'll select color
Select Tee color and size - as available

Downloads – $497

Includes downloadable content only as MP3 and PDF files.