Private Coaching

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Private Coaching Intensive
Hourly One-on-One Coaching

Are you ready to get down to some serious business?

Then our Private Intensive
or One-on-One Hourly Coaching may be for you!

If you’re ready to take your voiceover work to the next level, you may want to consider spending a few hours up to a full week with us in San Diego or via your computer. Every Personalized Coaching session is designed to move you down the path to where you want to be in voiceover. We can even work with you online or on the phone!

All of our personalized Private Coaching opportunities are described below. Let’s start with…

An intensive week with James Alburger:

This level of private coaching is not for everyone. But if you’re willing to dedicate an entire week of long, intense, and VERY productive days to accelerating your voiceover career, we’re here for you!

Before we even get started, we’ll spend quite a bit of time with you either on a video conference call or in our studios getting to know you, learning where you are now, and finding out where you want to be with your voiceover work.

  • On the first day of our Private Intensive, we immediately get down to business and spend the first few days working with you to hone both your performing and business skills and develop a strategy of what you will do after you leave.
  • We’ll go over what you’re currently doing to market yourself and give you plenty of ideas for things you might consider adding or doing differently, that we feel will build a stronger brand for your VO work.
  • If a demo session is part of your Private Intensive, we’ll spend a good deal of time discovering your niche performing skills and preparing copy for your demo session.

You’ll spend an entire week building both your performing and business skill to truly become a master of both the craft and business of voiceover. James Alburger has been helping voice talent build their business and performing skills for close to two decades. As the author of several books and co-executive producer of the VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE), James definitely knows the business and how to help you get to your next level.

This sort of highly personalized coaching doesn’t come cheap! At $5,000 for the week with James, your Private Coaching Intensive is still a bargain when you consider that the start-up cost for an average small business can easily be in the high five figures or more!

We only accept one or two Private Intensive Week clients a year and you must call us at 858.484.0220 to discuss your plans before we will agree to work with you.

One-on-One Private Coaching by the Hour:

If you’d prefer to work with James in smaller increments (or you don’t have the time or money for a full week intensive), you might consider our personalized one-on-one private coaching. You’ll meet with us either at our VoiceActing Academy studio in San Diego or via a video conference call where we’ll help you build your performing and business skills one step at a time.

Here, again, you must call us first so we can discuss your plans and any voiceover experience you might have. Private coaching at our San Diego studio and online is booked at $150 per hour with a 4 hour minimum which can be spread over several weeks. During our phone conversation, we’ll explain how you can officially register for our personalized one-on-one coaching.

Completely Personalized:

Because we personalize our coaching specifically to meet your objectives, and we are very selective with whom we work, we must discuss your goals before we will book your private coaching sessions. Demo production, copy writing, design services and some other services we offer may be additional, depending on the level and type of personalized coaching we arrange with you. If you’re interested in private coaching for voiceover, please call us at 858.484.0220.