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The Voice Over Marketing Podcast with John Melley:

The Voice Over Marketing Podcast with John Melley
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The Messiah community Radio Show with Michael Lorin
"The Art of Voice Acting"
"The Voice Actor's Guide to Home Recording"
"How to Read Copy with Voice Coach James Alburger" 

It doesn't matter where you are in your voiceover career...

VoiceActing Academy can help you reach your goals fast!

If you want to learn about voice acting, you've come to the right place!

There's a lot of information and free content here that will help you learn more about voiceover. And when you're ready for personalized training or for a killer demo, we've got you covered there as well.  Give yourself some time to browse the items below. You'll find lots of opportunities to learn about the craft and business of voiceover from James Alburger, considered by most in VO as one of the best coaches in the business.

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How to Get Started in Voiceover

Is voiceover right for you? We don't know!  There's much more to voiceover than you might think. And there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about voiceover. So, if you're just getting started, you should click HERE for the real truth about working in voiceover!

Take the Next Step

If you're ready to learn more, your next step is to get a copy of The Art of Voice Acting.  This book is used by more than two dozen universities and is considered the "go-to" reference work in the area of voice acting. The Art of Voice Acting is a required text for our P.I.E workshops.

Do a Little Research:

This is a very big website... there's a LOT of information here. We want you to be well-informed as you enter the world of voice acting. If you have James Alburger's The Art of Voice Acting book, you'll find all the recordings from every edition, scripts, missing chapters, and more in the AOVA Extras area.

Take a Workshop

For more than three decades, we’ve been working with performers and business people to improve their performance behind the microphone; on stage; radio; on camera for film and television; at meetings, and in the board room. If you're serious about learning the craft and business of voiceover, we're here to help with training for all levels of experience.

Build Your Home Studio

If you're going to work in voiceover, you will need a personal home recording space or Home Studio. The Studio Savvy Session is an 8-session webinar course that covers every aspect of building your personal studio. 

Understand Your Equipment

Understanding how to hook up and trouble-shoot your equipment is critical to keeping your voiceover recordings at top quality. It's expected that you will be able to record and deliver recordings that sound like they were done at a major recording studio. You'll be able to do just that when you have the Voice Actor's Guide to Professional Home Recording eBook in your library.

Make Great Recordings:

VoiceActing Academy is extremely pleased to have collaborated on the design of the Vocal Booth to Go VoiceOver MObile portable booth (VOMO). When we say this is "The Perfect Portable Voiceover Track Booth," we mean it! Whether you've got limited space, poor acoustics, or you need to record while traveling... VOMO will allow you to make great recordings in just about any room. It's acceptable as carry-on luggage for air travel and takes less than 30 seconds to setup or break down. 

Learn From the VO Masters

You've likely heard about the many voiceover conventions happening throughout the year. But you may not know that VoiceActing Academy started it all with VOICE 2007, the world's first large-scale International convention for voice actors. There were only 5 VOICE conventions... and you can learn from the Masters at a bargain of a price.

Learn at Your Convenience

We know some people simply can't get away from their family or day job long enough to take a workshop, so we've put a lot of our training online in the form of webinars. For example, the six webinars that go with our P.I.E. workshop are available as a stand-alone series of webinars. Our "Avoiding the Audition Abyss" webinar covers more than 50 potential audition mistakes that you need to know about. And there are more coming. 

Get Training that's Unique to You

A voice acting workshop will give you the fundamental skills you need to work in voiceover. However, to really excel, you'll need to hone those basic skills to a point where they are instinctive. For most voice talent, that means personalized coaching. One-on-one coaching, either in person or via the Internet, will help you reach your goals and start booking VO work much faster than trying to figure things out on your own. 

Mastermind & Ongoing Support

While personalized coaching will help you launch your VO career quickly, you'll still have lots of questions. Conductor's Club is  an ongoing resource for information, assistance, and training as you build your voiceover business. Our weekly video conference calls cover every aspect of voiceover and frequently include mastermind sessions and personalized coaching. For about the price of a nice dinner out each week, you can stay at the top of your game with membership in Conductor's Club.

Prepare for Your Demo the Right Way

Before you produce your demo, you need to know your niche, who you will be marketing to, and much more. In other words, before you step into the booth for your demo session, you need to know what you're doing! Penny Abshire's eBook, Demo and Marketing Magic for Voice Actors will give you the essential information you need in order to prepare for your demo production, whether you have it produced at VoiceActing Studios or somewhere else. You'll also learn some business basics.

When You're Ready for Your Demo

James Alburger has been producing voiceover demos that get his students work for more than 20 years. He's an 11-time Emmy Award recipient for audio production and knows what the talent buyers are looking for in a demo. VO demos are produced through our VoiceActing Studios production facilities. Give a listen to some of the dozens of VO demos James has produced... then book your demo session today. 

Music for Voiceover

Music is one of those things that most voice talent won't need to be directly involved with. But a growing trend is for small business clients to ask their voice talent to add a music background to the recording. Finding affordable, high-quality music is a real challenge. But we've got the solution for you with Royalty Free Stock Music "buyout" libraries that can be used for any purpose without any additional fees or concerns about violating copyright laws. Buy once... use forever.

Email is One of Your Marketing Keys

Nobody will know you exist unless you market and promote yourself... and in today's world, that means email. We've found, what we consider to be the most affordable, and most comprehensive email service anywhere... and it's really easy to use! If you're currently using Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Aweber or some other email service, you're probably paying way too much for your email service. You owe it to yourself (and your pocketbook) to check out MailerLite.

When You Need to be Seen... Not Just Heard

Meeting and working face-to-face with your clients will always be more productive than trying to do the same thing over the phone or via email. Zoom Video Conferencing is among the top-rated video meeting services that gives you a very stable picture and sound, screen sharing, chat, and much, much more. We use Zoom for all of our Conductor's Club conference calls and P.I.E. in the Sky online performance workshops. We also use Zoom for client sessions and when working remotely for coaching and directing.

Make Money by Booking Out Your Home Studio

Ever need a studio to record a session while traveling? How about booking your personal home studio during "down time?" Or maybe you just want to meet other voice talent when you're on vacation. Voiceover Studio Finder gives you a way to do all of this. And your free listing allows you to post your personal voiceover or studio profile complete with a demo and description. For a nominal annual fee, you can add additional demos, a longer profile and more. 

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