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Voiceover Rate Guides

This page includes resource links to several websites that regularly research and update voiceover talent fees.

These resources provide a general guideline for what you might charge a prospective client for your services in most areas of voiceover. As valuable as these resources are, it is equally important to understand how to negotiate an appropriate talent fee for your services. This can be very important for the success of your business. The talent fee you negotiate may be higher or lower than the baseline talent fees provided by these resources.

If you don’t already have a thorough understanding of how the voiceover business works or how to negotiate your fees in a way that will ensure you won’t be taken advantage of, you should know that the entire second half of The Art of Voice Acting is all about the business of voiceover.

Please note that there are no guarantees as to how up-to-date the posted talent fees are on any of the sites listed below. Some of these resources are better organized or easier to navigate than others. It is up to the individual voice talent to research a potential client and develop a thorough understanding of talent fees and how to run a voiceover business. VoiceActing.com is providing these resources for your information and education only and will not be held liable for any issues based on the use of the resources linked below.

Here are some of the best online resources for finding current VO talent fees in most voiceover genres: