Reinventing Your Craft

Voice acting is about story-telling. There… I’ve said it!

It’s not about how you read the script. And it’s not about your performing technique. And it’s definitely not about “selling,”

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A Threat to Our Industry

By now, you’ve probably heard the news… and it’s probably not good news.

One of the major pay-2-play sites, specifically Voices Dot Com (VDC), has acquired

So, why is this acquisition a potential threat to the voiceover industry and why are voiceover talent at risk? There’s a pretty simple answer to that question.

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Dealing with Conflicting Values

Whether it’s a political position or a product or service that you don’t agree with… Having to deal with the occasional voiceover session that might be in opposition to ones personal views or values is something every actor must deal with at one time or another. This is generally a pretty uncommon problem from my […] Continue reading

What's YOUR Motivation?

If you’ve watched any TV or movies, you’ve probably heard the phrase “What’s my motivation?” That’s a very common, and basic question that every actor needs to ask regardless of the type of performance. It’s the motivation that determines how the actor will ultimately interpret the story and play the role.

OK, sure… we might […] Continue reading

Acting Technique & More... a Refresher

Every actor knows that there are a number of fundamental techniques and processes that must be understood, mastered and applied in order to create a compelling and believable performance. If you’ve studied voice acting at all, you’ve probably been taught at least a few of these techniques and you may have even developed your […] Continue reading

The Conversational "Read"

During our weekly VoiceActing Academy Conductor’s Club coaching calls, we’ll often discuss a specific aspect of voiceover performance, or get into the nuts and bolts of some aspect of our business, or discuss something new in home studio or recording technology. I’ll be sharing some of those topics and tips in these blog posts. If […] Continue reading

Alternative Marketing Sites - Good, Bad, or Just Another Option?

Alternative marketing websites have become a very “hot” topic. I’m talking about sites like Fiverr, Odesk and Elancer, among others.

If you’re not familiar with these type of marketing sites, their basic concept is that they attract prospects by offering services at “discount” prices. This discount concept flies in the face of traditional marketing and […] Continue reading

A Government Controlled Internet

The Internet is a huge part of our daily lives. As voice talent, it is also a critical part of our business. We receive scripts, negotiate contracts and deliver recordings all via the Internet.

This coming February 26, the FCC will be voting on a proposal by Chairman Tom Wheeler for “Net Neutrality” – a […] Continue reading

The end of ISDN

You may have heard the buzz that ISDN is being phased out. It’s going to take some time, but ISDN will be going away… eventually.

There are several contenders vying for the position of being the replacement of ISDN. They include ipDTL, Source Connect, and several others. Recently, Tim Keenan of Creative Media Recording in […] Continue reading

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