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It’s not common knowledge, but James Alburger knows his way around the Internet pretty well… and he’s been quietly helping lots of folks get their domain names registered and websites hosted. Everything web-related is done through our MagicInet web services unit.

If you need some basic website services like registering your domain, enhanced email services or hosting your site at really good prices, then we can certainly help you there.

For domain name registration and website hosting at great prices, click here to visit MagicInet.com.

For website design, read on…

If you are looking for a full-time web designer who will build a fancy-dancy website for you with lots of bells and whistles… that’s not going to be us. Website design is not our primary business and we literally don’t have the time or expertise to build a heavily animated and flashy site.

On the other hand… if you only need a one-page web site that will project a professional image for your brand, James may be able to help. And as with our other MagicInet web services, the cost is very affordable. James has designed a lot of websites, both in HTML and in WordPress. Depending on the complexity of the site – and the amount of prep work required – most of James’ web clients have their site online within a few days with the average price tag coming in well under $2,000, which is less than half of what you might expect to pay for a website today. Putting it simply, the websites we build are relatively simple, but look great and definitely do the job.

With that said… if you DO need a fancy-dancy website, we know some excellent website designers and we’ll be happy to work as your consultant to coordinate the entire web design and hosting process. 

What will my new website look like?:

Our specialty is a one-page WordPress website. Today’s website designs are moving away from lots of pages where only a few will do the job better. That means, a typical voiceover talent’s website can often tell the whole story on one page, or if more information needs to be provided, maybe two or three pages. The days of having a separate page just for contact information is rapidly fading.

Although we can build your site from any number of WordPress themes, in order to keep our prices low, we use a special WordPress page builder that gives us the ability to quickly build very clean and professional websites. 

Another important part of any website is having a way to capture email address for future marketing. This may or may not be something you want to include on your website. If you are not already capturing your visitor’s email addresses (and you want to do that), we’re here to help.

Here are just a few examples of websites we’ve built for our clients:

Flat-Rate Pricing:

So, here’s how it works: Your site design starts when you call us at 858.484.0220 (between 10am and 5pm M-F, Pacific Time). You’ll have a conversation with James to go over some critical details, Then, you’ll send us your images, demos, bio, client list, contact info and anything else you want on your web page… and we build the website for one, low price. Pretty simple, right? Because the price is so low, you’ll need to trust that James will design a site that reflects your personality and brand. That sort of thing will be covered during your initial conversation. You can, of course, offer your suggestions and ideas, but the ultimate site design and layout will be determined by James.

Please note that your website design is completely separate from domain name registration, website hosting, and media streaming services, and our design services cannot be bundled with any other services. Although we don’t offer those services directly, we can send you in the right direction to get them set up… often for free.

While most website designers will charge by the hour, we’ve chosen to charge a flat rate for the websites we design. The following are included in our Basic Web Design Flat-Rate Package:

  • Website design is handled in-house with most (if not all) of the work done personally by James Alburger.
  • When you book your website design through VoiceActing’s MagicInet web services, you provide the essential information and basic content… and James will determine the design and layout.
  • Basic Flat-rate website design is for a one-page site.
    • Email capture form included – linked to your email service
    • Demo player included – Soundcloud or VoiceZam recommended
    • Video player is included for Vimeo, Youtube or Embedded video
    • 2nd page is optional (Bio, Additional services, On-camera, etc.)
  • You will have up to three changes.
  • Your site design includes the following:
    • Prelimiary discussions of ideas for design and layout
    • WordPress theme (using one of our licensed templates)
      • Add $300 if we need to design your site from a theme you are providing.
    • All graphics work that might be needed (includes Photoshop adjustments to images),
    • Site layout,
    • Site design,
    • Email capture/subscription form upon request (you must have a white-listed email service like www.mailerlite.com, www.ConstantContact, www.MailChimp.com, etc.)
    • Copy re-writes (we make your content sound better – any copy changes will be submitted for your approval),
    • Necessary links to external sites,
    • Media set-up (including file format adjustment if needed) – We recommend hosting your audio on Soundcloud (we can help you set up a free Soundcloud account if needed). We recommend Vimeo.com or Youtube.com for hosting video files.
    • Basic Social Media links (upon request)
    • Basic SEO tags, and
    • Uploading to your hosting service.
  • A WordPress site will usually include a Blog component that is tied to a database. Please note that the basic flat-rate website will not include the blog page in the main menu (if site is more than one page). If you want to include a Blog on your site, we can do that upon request. There will be an additional charge for us to create your blog page and set up the blog feed.
    • We’ll teach you how to create new blog posts on your own.
  • The following are NOT included in this basic flat-rate package (but may be added for an additional cost, or we can tell you where to get them):
    • Domain registration,
    • Domain hosting,
    • Ecommerce setup (depends on site setup),
    • Ecommerce or Merchant service,
    • payment buttons (i.e. PayPal, 1Shopping Cart, etc)
    • Media hosting (help setting up your cloud media hosting account is an additional charge),
    • SEO optimizing (basic SEO Metatags and Keywords included)
    • Blog setup and training (not included, but available for most sites at an additional charge)
    • Website support and maintenance.

Flat Rate Pricing:  First page – $697, Each additional page – $597
Turn-around for site completion is usually 1 week or less

Optional Add-ons:

  • If your site needs frequent updates, and you would prefer that we handle that, on-going maintenance for your site design is available.
  • If you would like to handle your own updates, we can train you to do that and you will need to purchase the theme, both of which are an additional charge. Please call for details.
  • If you think you might only need an occasional update or site modification, you can schedule an update at any time. An update is considered to be a minor modification of up to three items on a page.

    Monthly Maintenance (up to 3 changes per month):  $60 monthly recurring payment.
    Single update (minor site adjustment):  $150 per update.
    Note: Major design changes will be at the basic additional page flat rate of $597.

Here are some sample websites:

Basic single or double page websites (WordPress):

JamesAlburger.com – James Alburger’s personal voiceover website
KerryRoss.com – Kerry is a professional entertainer.

Multi-page websites (WordPress and HTML):  Note: most of these HTML sites are being converted to WordPress

VoiceActing.com (WP) –  You’re already here. This site is a combination of WP template and a special page builder that will be used for your one-page basic site. 
VoiceActingStudios.com (HTML) –  The VoiceActing, LLC production studio site
ConductorsClub.com (HTML) –  Membership support for voice actors
MedicalNarration.com (HTML) –  Medical and Scientific narration by James Alburger and Penny Abshire
VOICEconvention.com (HTML) –  The VOICE Convention website