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Music Match Exercise – James Alburger
How to use music to inspire your characters, attitudes and other aspects of performance.

[soundcloud id='198015814']

Relaxation and the Cork Exercise – James Alburger
Tips on preparing for a voiceover performance, including the “Cork Exercise” to improve clarity and articulation.

[coolcastplayer id="33"]

Vocal Warm-up Exercises – James Alburger
Vocal warm-ups to put your voice in top condition for performing.

[coolcastplayer id="37"]

Vocal Exercises and Character Voice – MJ Lallo
Voice coach and director, MJ Lallo gives a variety of exercises for creating character voices.

[soundcloud id='198015830']

Vocal Visualization Exercise to Create a Believable Character – James Alburger
This visualization exercise will help you discover the various components for creating a compelling character.

[soundcloud id='160459461']


The Seven Core Elements of Performance – James Alburger
These seven core elements are critical for every voiceover performance. When you know how to use them, you can create a compelling delivery for any script in a matter of minutes.

[soundcloud id='160458299']

Shortcuts That Trick Your Brain – Penny Abshire
Penny Abshire describes several quick techniques to help you overcome common voiceover obstacles.

[soundcloud id='160456122']

Techniques for Developing Style – James Alburger
Here are a number of techniques that will help you develop your unique voiceover style.

[soundcloud id='160455881']

Ad-libbing – James Alburger
We ad-lib every day. Using ad-libs in your voiceover work adds believability.

[soundcloud id='160454463']

Working the Consonants – James Alburger
This is a technique for enhancing the interpretation of a script by increasing value to consonants and word sounds. This is especially useful when a music underscore might fight the voice track.

[soundcloud id='160453886']

Characters in My Pocket – Penny Abshire
Use these techniques to build a catalog of voices that can serve as the starting point for dozens of believable characters.

[soundcloud id='160459102']

Using the Character Worksheet – MJ Lallo
A Character Worksheet is a way to document your characters, vocal placement and more.

[soundcloud id='205239941']


Microphone Choice and Placement – James Alburger explains microphone placement, proximity effect and other things you need to know about how to choose a mic that’s right for you.

[soundcloud id='160457978']


Know Thy Neighbor – Lynne Darlington – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160478827']

The Time Machine – George Asteri – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160478087']

Holiday Magic – Audio Drama – Full Cast – 4e

[soundcloud id='198015839']

Eesoo – Audio Drama – Full Cast – 2e

[soundcloud id='198015940']

Junga the Dancing Yeti – Audio/Video Drama – Full Cast – 7e

SINGLE VOICE COMMERCIAL (alphabetical by title):

911 Pawn – Radio – 7e

[coolcastplayer id="27"]

Auction Cities – TV – Craig Powers – 3e

[soundcloud id='205238333']

Bidbay.com – TV – 2e

[soundcloud id='205238274']

East Cambridge Savings Bank – Radio – Karin Allers – 4e

[soundcloud id='205238421']

Energy Crisis 1 – Radio – James Alburger – laid back, conversational

[soundcloud id='205238282']

Energy Crisis 2 – Radio – James Alburger – higher energy – 2e

[soundcloud id='205238287']

Expectations – Radio – Jon Allen – 4e

[soundcloud id='205238424']

Funerall (3 versions, each in a different delivery style) – Radio – Larry Davis – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160460429']

Giant Manhattan Pizza – 7e 

[coolcastplayer id="26"]

Hallmark Gallery – Radio – Craig Powers – 3e

[soundcloud id='205238339']

Hydroponics – Radio – Ross Huguet – 2e

[soundcloud id='205238292']

Ikea – Radio – 2e

[soundcloud id='205238298']

Lake Arrowhead Hilton – Radio – Phil Ganyon – 2e

[soundcloud id='205238305']

Liberty Trust – Radio – James Alburger – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160460831']

Lloyds Pluming, Heating and Air – Radio – Penny Abshire, James Alburger – 3e

[soundcloud id='205238346']

My Open House.com – Web Radio

[soundcloud id='205238427']

National Literacy – Radio – MJ Lallo – 2e

[soundcloud id='205238311']

No Fish Today – Radio – 3e

[soundcloud id='205238358']

Parallel Edit – Radio – 7e

[coolcastplayer id="29"]

PayChex Today – Radio – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160460689']

Pomerleaus – Radio – DB Cooper

[soundcloud id='205238315']

Ricks Car Care – Radio – 7e – Voicecreative.com

[coolcastplayer id="28"]

Slip and Fall Accidents – TV – Craig Powers – 3e, 4e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='205238368']

Small Business Success – Web Radio – James Alburger – 4e

[soundcloud id='205238380']

Yosemite – TV (promo) – Tom Kelly

[soundcloud id='205238325']

DIALOGUE & MULTIPLE VOICE (alphabetical by title):

Boston Market – Radio – Dick Orkin & Christine Coyle – 2e

[soundcloud id='205238121']

Cheap Times – Radio – James Alburger, Penny Abshire, Paul Bellantoni – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160474778']

Coastal Condo Living – Radio – James Alburger & Penny Abshire – 3e

[soundcloud id='198015866']

Donate Life – Radio – 4e

[soundcloud id='205238397']

Grand Prix Car Wash – Radio – James Alburger & Penny Abshire – 3e

[soundcloud id='198015862']

GTA (“Now Spit”) – Radio – Marc Biagi & Dave Rivas – 2e

[soundcloud id='198015903']

GTA (“Teddy”) – Radio – James Alburger & Penny Abshire – 2e

[soundcloud id='198015896']

Nature Life – James Alburger, Tom Daniels, Penny Abshire – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160461684']

Southern California Travel – James Alburger & Penny Abshire – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160474504']

Sunland Bank & Trust – James Alburger & Penny Abshire – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160475070']

Towne Center Plaza (“Obscene Phone Call”) – Radio – Craig Powers & Penny Abshire – 3e

[soundcloud id='198015842']

Towne Center Plaza (“Lost”) – Radio – James Alburger & Penny Abshire – 4e

[soundcloud id='205251746']

Toy Smart (“Green Beans”) – Radio – James Alburger & Penny Abshire – 2e

[soundcloud id='160458806']

Tuscan Event Center – Radio – Voicecreative.com – 7e

[coolcastplayer id="30"]

United Furniture Warehouse (“5 minutes”) – Radio – Penny Abshire & Ross Huguet – 2e

[soundcloud id='198015886']


Game Pilots: Class taught by MJ Lallo – 4e

[soundcloud id='205239635']


The Art of Risk – Audio Blog – Bobbin Beam – 4e

[soundcloud id='205239524']

Coulter – Corporate Narration – 2e

[soundcloud id='205239486']

Covigo – Corporate Narration – 3e

[soundcloud id='205239541']

Creating Legacy – Documentary Narration – 7e

Oasis Mouthwash – Corporate Narration – 3e

[soundcloud id='205239539']

Power of Your Thoughts – Motivational CD – Marshal Sylver – All

[soundcloud id='205239575']


KAVA News Promo – James Alburger – 5e – SCRIPT

[soundcloud id='160480451']


Concatenation – Connie Terwilliger – All

[soundcloud id='160482667']

Character Outgoing Messages – Phil Ganyon – 2e

[soundcloud id='160482345']

Timberland Bank – Message on Hold – 3e

[soundcloud id='205239499']


Penny Abshire – Commercial

[soundcloud id='205240598']

James Alburger – Commercial

[soundcloud id='205240493']

James Alburger – Medical

[soundcloud id='205240550']

Bob Jump – Commercial

[soundcloud id='205240527']

Tom Kelly – Commercial

[soundcloud id='205240533']

Stephan Kinell – Commercial (Swedish)

[soundcloud id='205240616']

Michael Minetree – Commercial

[soundcloud id='205240592']

Lani Minella – Games

[soundcloud id='205240553']

Deb Munro – Commercial

[soundcloud id='205240519']

Gabrielle Nistico – Imaging

[soundcloud id='205240500']

Jennifer Vaughn – Imaging

[soundcloud id='205240562']