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AOVA Bonus Downloads

Thank you for purchasing “The Art of Voice Acting.”

We suggest you create a separate folder for each of the bonuses below and download the files to the appropriate folder. Clicking on the links below will either open a dialog box so you can navigate to your folders for downloading or start the download to your Downloads folder.

You cannot open or play these links in your browser.

You’ll need a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these eBooks.

Please click on the links below to download your bonuses:

eBook:  How to Get Jobs for the Voices in Your Head

Download eBook PDF file

The audio files below are for the scripts in the book. There is a fully produced male and female version of each script for you to hear what the spots sound like. There is also a music bed for each spot with a 3-beep count off for you to work with as you practice timing and delivery.

eBook:  Penny Abshire’s “Food 4 Thought”

“Food 4 Thought” is a set of two eBooks containing motivational messages and stories to inspire positive thinking.

Download VOLUME 1 eBook PDF

Download VOLUME 2 eBook PDF