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Conductor’s Club Member Links

WEEKLY RECORDINGS (click this link to access our archive of Conductor’s Club calls in our MediaFire Shared Studio Hotline Folder)

Here’s where you can access the entire catalog of Conductor’s Club recordings… and plan a long weekend if you want to listen to everything. Actually, that might take more like several months!

As a Conductor’s Club member, you have access to every call recording going back to our first call in 2011. That’s a LOT of information. All files are MP3 audio files, with the exception of a few MP4 video files. After 2012, the file names include major content from the call.

Our weekly calls are uploaded and available within hours after each call.

Clicking on the link at the top of this page should give you instant access to our shared MediaFire folder for Conductor’s Club Studio Hotline Calls. 

When working with a script during our Zoom Calls, please share your screen so everyone on the call can see what we’re working on.

I hope you find your Conductor’s Club membership helpful and productive. If there’s anything I can do to improve this Masters Class, please let me know.

James Alburger