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Performance Coaching from James R. Alburger

A Performance Coach can Make All the Difference:

A second “set of ears” can make all the difference in your performance! When you work with James Alburger, you’ll not only be working with the author of “The Art of Voice Acting,” but you’ll be working with an 11-time Emmy recipient who understands advertising and communication on multiple levels. Every session with James is packed with tips, direction, ideas and information designed to help you tell your client’s stories more effectively whether it’s for your auditions or voiceover work. James works with VO talent at all levels of experience.

VoiceActing Academy also provides a complete consulting and advisory service for voiceover talent and home studio design and installation. In addition to designing and installing the studio and control room for VoiceActing Productions, James Alburger designed two audio control rooms and a remote audio TV truck for NBC 7/39 in San Diego, plus handled the pre-wiring layout for a third television audio control room. He has also assisted many voice talent to improve the sound of their recordings and simplify their production process. James can help you understand the acoustics of your recording space, select your equipment, assist with trouble-shooting audio problems, personally supervise your home studio installation, recommend equipment, and assist with the purchase of equipment as needed.

Home Studio Consulting Rates and Services:

  • Initial consultation: $150 flat fee per hour for up to 2 hours* of telephone consultation or on-site consultation within 25 miles of our office in San Diego, CA. (additional mileage charge will apply if outside of San Diego area.**)
  • Equipment Purchase: We’ll help you determine the right equipment for your needs and handle the purchase for you if you like. Equipment will be delivered to your site.
  • Studio design, equipment installation & training: $150/hour (one hour minimum, billed in 15 minute intervals after first hour.)
  • On-site and telephone/video conference support: $150/hour (one hour minimum, billed in 15 minute intervals after first hour.)
  • Basic Remote support: 3-month support contract – $300.  Telephone, video conference or e-mail support to assist with installation or troubleshooting. Up to 30 minutes per call included, two calls per month.
  • Premium Remote support: 3-month support contract – $500. Basic support plus computer remote support (PC only) and an additional two calls per month (total of up to 2 hours phone support/month).

To Schedule a Home Studio Consultation:

Reserve your Home Studio Consultation by calling 858.484.0220 between 10am and 5pm PT, Monday through Friday. We do not schedule Home Studio Consultations via email.

Consultation Terms & Conditions:

Hourly billing rate for services during regular business hours, 10AM to 5PM PT Monday through Friday – $150/hr.

* All house call services billed at a minimum of 2 hrs.
** Travel time is billed at $50/hr or at $25 for each direction if travel distance is more than 25 miles, one way.

  • Any service outside of regular business hours will incur a 25% surcharge.
  • Overtime billing (1.5x) will be charged for services calls extending beyond 8 hours.
  • Services rendered on Saturday is billed at time and one half rate (1.5x).
  • Services rendered on Sunday is billed at double time rate (2x).
  • All materials and equipment purchased on behalf of the client is marked up at a standard rate of 20%. This margin covers the time and expenses incurred to research, locate, and procure materials to meet the timing needs of the project.
  • Clients will only receive a written estimate for services if one is requested.
  • Clients must make payment for equipment in full at the time of the order to initiate any project.
  • Labor charges are billed at the completion of the project unless otherwise stipulated.
  • Payment may be made by personal check, cash or PayPal. Credit card payments must be through PayPal.