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You may have heard the buzz that ISDN is being phased out. It’s going to take some time, but ISDN will be going away… eventually.

There are several contenders vying for the position of being the replacement of ISDN. They include ipDTL, Source Connect, and several others. Recently, Tim Keenan of Creative Media Recording in Anaheim, CA ran a side-by-side comparison of ipDTL, ISDN and Source Connect with VO pro Bobbin Beam. To listen to this test, CLICK HERE.

If you’d like to keep up to date on the race to replace ISDN, the best place to do that is to subscribe to Dave Courvoisier’s blog HERE.

Tim Keenan presented a full seminar at VOICE 2014 all about recording technology and how the coming changes will affect voice talent. The recording of Tim’s session is just one of more than two dozen cutting-edge programs at VOICE 2014 that will take your voiceover career to the next level.

The entire set of VOICE 2014 session recordings – more than 36 hours of incredibly useful information – is available in the VOICE Store.

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