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VOICE 2012 Downloads and Recordings

Download your VOICE Convention Recordings

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Portions or all of some sessions presented at VOICE 2012 may not be included in the downloadable recordings due to proprietary information or copyrighted material.

Click on any link below to download the file to your computer. We suggest creating a separate folder for VOICE 2012 files. All files are .mp3 audio files that can be played in any conventional media player after being downloaded. Files cannot be played from this page. Please allow ample time for downloads as some of these files are quite large.


Banquet: Bob Bergen, Bill Rogers, Camille Dixon, Joe Ruby, Ken Spears

Beverly Bremers – Ad Lib Ease (poor audio in spots)

Marc Cashman – “We’re Auditioning for a Muse – III”

Marc Cashman – Masters Class: VO Report Card

Stephanie Ciccarelli – VOICES.com – Put Your Best Voice Forward

Christopher Currier – Sennheiser – Choosing the Right Microphone (some audio issues)

Terry Daniel, Dave Courvoisier, Trish Basanyi – Social Media

Tom Dheere – Running Your VO Business: Goals & Action Plans

Bill Farmer – A Goofy Afternoon

John Florian, Elizabeth Holmes – Business: Simplify How You Run It

David Goldberg – Edge Studio – What You Don’t Know But Must

Priscilla Groves (Ireland) – How to Get More VO Work in Europe

Elley-Ray – Advanced Voice Placement

Randye Kaye – 10 Script Clues that Keep Clients Hiring You

Tim Keenan – How to Succeed in Corporate Narration

MJ Lallo – How to Win Roles in Animation Casting

David H. Lawrence – Mutual Muscles

Dan Lenard, George Whittam – Audio Processing

PANEL – Andy Boyns – International VO

PANEL – Dave DeAndrea – Demos

PANEL – Vanessa Hart – Audio Books

PANEL – Bill Holmes – The VO Doctors Consults the Specialists

PANEL – Gabrielle Nistico – How to Book a Top VO Agent

Rob Sciglimpaglia – Mysteries of the VO World Answered

Erik Sheppard – Taboo: The Shocking Truths of Voiceover

Celia Siegel – Branding and Marketing for the VO Actor

Joe J. Tomas – You Can’t Get There from Here

Julie Williams – On-line Audition Secrets

Betty Zoller – Acting is Reacting