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VOICE 2014 – Downloads & Recordings

Download your VOICE 2014 Convention Articles, Handouts & Recordings


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If you have any problems downloading these files – or if you would like to save the time, you can purchase a data DVD-Rom of the convention recordings for $25, including shipping. Just click the PayPal order button below and you’ll have everything on this page on a data DVD within a few days.

 All links for items on this page are for your personal use only as a VOICE convention attendee. Selling, sharing or re-distribution is strictly prohibited. All content is copyright by the individual Presenter, all rights reserved. Convention recordings are copyright VoiceActing, LLC and the individual Presenter, all rights reserved. 

VOICE 2014 programs may be edited for content or timing purposes. Portions or all of some sessions presented at VOICE 2014 may not be included in the downloadable recordings due to proprietary information or copyrighted material.

The following articles and handouts are being provided by your VOICE 2014 Presenters to support their programs and give you additional information you can use immediately. Due to circumstances beyond our control, the recording of Natan Fischer’s program on the Spanish Language VO Market is not available.


The following link is a PDF file for the audition for Marc Cashman’s Master’s Class held on Friday, August 29, 2014. All registered attendees of VOICE 2014 were eligible to submit an audition for this Master’s Class. The winning auditions were announced during the Master’s Class Friday evening. NOTE: These scripts are included as a reference source only. Do NOT submit an audition for this event.



Please download or print these articles for future reference.

Marc Cashman – Why Should You Consider a Voiceover Coach?

Natan Fischer – 10 Typical Mistakes – ENGLISH

Natan Fischer – 10 Typical Mistakes – SPANISH

Dory Kafoure – Finding Your Familiar Event

Dory Kafoure – Use of Relaxers ang Energizers

Gabrielle Nistico – Be a Voiceover Voyer

Julie Williams – Be the Girl in the Red Coat


Downloadable handouts in PDF format are listed below the convention recording for those presenters who provided handouts.


Recordings are in alphabetical order by presenter’s last name. All MP3 files contain Meta Data with additional information, including the approximate sequence of the program during the convention.

VOICE 2014 Opening Number:  Opening song by Rodney Saulsberry and opening introductions 

Bev Bremers:  Tweaks of the Trade


Beverly Bremers – VOICERCISE 1 – When is Your Work Ready to Submit? – HANDOUT NOTES

Beverly Bremers – VOICERCISE 2 – Faces – HANDOUT NOTES

Beverly  Bremers – VOICERCISE 3 – Silent Lead-ins – HANDOUT NOTES

Beverly Bremers – VOICERCISE 4 – Levels of Expression with Triplets – HANDOUT NOTES

Scott Brick & PANEL with Pat Fraley, Kathe Mazur, Steve Sidawi:  Audio Books from A-Z & More – Panel

September Day Carter & Bob Carter:  The VO Game Show

Marc Cashman:  The Marc Cashman Masters Class & Workout     –      “We’re Auditioning for a Muse” – Pt 4


Marc Cashman – VO Report Card

Dave Fennoy:  Video Game VO

Patrick Fraley:  Opening Keynote Program with Special Guest Ed Asner

Anne Ganguzza:  Social Media


Anne Ganguzza – Take the VO Triple Threat Challenge

David Goldberg (Edge Studio):  Edge Studio Coaching with David Goldberg

Elley-Ray (Canada):  Voicing From the Heart – Elley-Ray was unable to attend the VOICE 2014 Convention. However, as a scheduled Presenter  she has provided a video of her VOICE program titled “Video From the Heart”. This link will play best with a high-speed Internet connection.


Elley-Ray – Presentation Guide – HANDOUT NOTES

Dory Kafoure:  Vocal Health & The Consonant Orchestra


Dory Kafoure – Conducting Your Consonant Orchestra – HANDOUT NOTES

Dory Kafoure – The Consonant Orchestra Seating Chart – HANDOUT NOTES

Tim Keenan:  ISDN Alternatives

Kurt Kelly – PANEL with J Michael Collins and Melissa English:   Classic Careers

MJ Lallo:  Creating a Killer Animation Demo

Dan Lenard and George Whittam:  Home Studio Acoustics

Joe Loesch:  Find Your Passion… Find Your Niche (Audio only)
Joe Loesch:  Find Your Passion… Find Your Niche (Video – PowerPoint with audio – DOWNLOAD ONLY)
Note: This is a VERY large file and must be downloaded before viewing. Please allow up to 2 hours for this download.


Joe Loesch – Finding Your Niche – HANDOUT NOTES

Joe Loesch – Joe’s Promo Handout

Ron Minatrea:  Your Roadmap to Voiceover Success


Ron Minatrea – Your Roadmap to Voice Over Success – HANDOUT NOTES – B/W printer friendly

Ron Minatrea – Your Roadmap to Voice Over Success – HANDOUT NOTES – Color

Gabrielle Nistico:  How to be Conversational & Spontaneous in an Announcer Copy World


Gabrielle Nistico – Announcer Scripts – HANDOUT NOTES

Paul Pape & PANEL with Joe Cipriano, Dave Courvoisier, Chuck Duran, Vanessa Gilbert, Fred Melamed, Treslyn Williams, Mary Lynn Wissner:  Challenges Facing Today’s Voice Actor – Panel

Rodney Saulsberry:  Voicing Promo

Rob Sciglimpaglia & PANEL with Jon Bailey, September Day Carter, Dave Courvoisier, Jonathan Tilley, Doug Turkel, Julie Williams:  Voiceover Trends – Panel

Celia Siegel:  Branding and Marketing for the Professional Voice Actor

Graeme Spicer with Dean Panaro (Edge Studio feature program):  An interview with super-agent Dean Panaro

Marshall Sylver:  Creating Your Million Dollar Voice

Joe J Thomas:  Life Lessons From the Dump

Randy Thomas with special guests Dave and Lauren Hanrahan Butler:  Commencement Address (VOICE 2014 Closing Keynote)

Jonathan Tilley (Germany):  List Building the Right Way


Jonathan Tilley – List Building the Right Way – HANDOUT NOTES

Beau Weaver & Randy Thomas:  From DJ to VO

Julie Williams PANEL with Scott Brick, Debora Deyan, Kate McClanaghan, Rene Ruiz, Rob Sciglimpaglia:  How to Handle a VO Career when Content Conflicts with Your Personal Values – Panel

Mary Lynn Wissner:  Self-Direction: Proven Tips, Tricks & Techniques from Casting Director Mary Lynn Wissner

VOICE 2014 Banquet:  The VOICE 2014 Community Award Presentation, the VOICE 2014 Theme Song by Bill Russell, James & Penny interview Fred Melamed (co-star of “In a World”)