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VoiceActing Academy Webinar Training

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As with any craft, Voice Acting is best learned through hands-on experiential training like

you receive at our Performance Intensive Event (PIE) and other in-person workshops. However, you can learn a lot through reading books like The Art of Voice Acting, participating in conference calls and watching webinars.

We offer webinar training in several areas of voiceover and we are constantly developing new programs.

Here’s How Our Webinar Training Works:

  • Select a webinar from the list below for more details about the program and registration.
  • Register for a webinar from the webinar’s information page.
  • Upon completing your registration, you will be directed to a page to view the webinar. You can also view the webinar by logging in to your VoiceActing Academy account and clicking on the link below the webinar title on your account Home page.
  • Some webinars include additional downloads or resources that can be accessed through your account or through the webinar viewing page.
  • Most webinars are available for viewing instantly or at your convenience.
  • Unlike other webinar training that only gives you one opportunity to watch the webinar, you can review our webinars by logging into your account at any time. And, you’ll never have to worry about where you put the file on your computer or losing it if your computer crashes.
  • Watch and learn.

Select a webinar you would like to study from the list below:

The VoiceActing Academy P.erformance I.ntensive E.vent Webinar Series:

Webinar Videos: 13
Running time: 10 minutes to 30 (approximately 5 3/4 hours total)
Included with PIE Workshops
May be purchased separately. Credit can be applied to PIE workshop taken later.

This series of five webinars with more than 5 3/4 hours of content is a prerequisite for our VoiceActing Academy Performance Intensive workshop. These webinars contain the majority of the lecture content from our workshop. What you will not get in the webinars is our one-on-one coaching. Attendance at a live or on-line PIE workshop is not required, but is highly recommended for getting the greatest value from these webinars. When you purchase this webinar series, we will credit your P.I.E. workshop tuition for the cost of the webinars. When registering for PIE, select the appropriate “… after webinars” discount option.

Click on the image above for more information about the P.I.E. workshop.

Webinar series only (13 Videos): $100

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Note:  If you purchase the webinars only, we will credit your purchase to any future workshop, so you’ll save $100 off any future workshop tuition. Call us when you register for P.I.E.
Immediately after purchase you should be taken directly to the webinar page. For future viewings you will need to login to your VoiceActing Academy Account. 



 Avoiding the Audition Abyss:

Webinar Videos: 1
Running time: 2 hours 2 minutes

Learn how to avoid more than 50 common audition mistakes that will guarantee you will NOT get the job. Agents and other talent buyers don’t have time to waste on trying to figure out what you’ve sent. If you are given specific instructions on how to deliver your auditions, you need to follow those instructions… to the letter!

This webinar refers to more than 210 auditions that were received as we were casting for our VOICE 2012 commercial. Of those 210 auditions, only about 25 were correctly submitted. The mistakes covered in this webinar are very common – and easy to make – even for the pros. And any one of those mistakes could instantly put you out of contention – and your audition never even listened to.

If you submit any auditions for voiceover work, you need the information that’s in this webinar!

Avoiding the Audition Abyss Webinar (1 Video): $24.95

Buy Button redImmediately after purchase you will be taken to the webinar viewing page. To watch in the future, simply login to your VoiceActing Academy account.


Studio Savvy Sessions – The Webinar:  (COMING SOON)

WebiStudioSavvySession-300-72nar Videos: TBA
Running time:  TBA

Put the Studio Savvy Live Seminar and The Voice Actor’s Guide to Professional Home Recording eBook together… and you’ve got the Studio Savvy Sessions Webinar!

In this series of pre-recorded webinars, you’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about how the equipment in your home studio works, how to set it up, how to troubleshoot problems when they occur, and how to deal with acoustic issues that can affect the quality of your recordings. All this and a lot more is covered in this webinar series. 

Plus…when you purchase Studio Savvy Sessions – The Webinar, you’ll be able to attend any live Studio Savvy Session in the future – as many times as you like! 

This product is currently in production and will be available soon.